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  1. Bart905

    Alternative handgrip practice

    Playing a lot of xbox/ps3 helps also. There is other methods but its not appropriate for this forum lol. I'm joking but opening and closing your hands constantly until you feel it get weak will help. Visit your local dollar store and pick up a gripper, its hard at first but you'll get use to it.
  2. Bart905

    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    that's a good idea actually I'm going to give it a try
  3. Bart905

    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    Quick Question. I received a call first week of February from the recruitment in Hamilton, The recruter asked me to come in and write my CFAT, I'm currently attending Algonquin college in Ottawa for that reason I couldn't make it and I asked him if I could write it when I visit hamilton next...
  4. Bart905

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    I recently got a call from the local Recruitment center to write my CFAT but due to my change of location for college my file had to be closed before i wrote it :( . The recruiter ask me how was my Math, I said I was average and that I did the practice test and got them all rite. His reply was...
  5. Bart905

    Hearing may have turned me down

    I have a home studio set up and I make/produce/edit vocals and beats. Over the years from my experience is speakers/headphone have a major part of effecting the frequency. It varies from person to person how low or high frequency each person can hear. The volume of the headset will also effect...
  6. Bart905

    e-recruiting question

    I send an email to them asking the same Question and they emailed me back saying : Good Day, Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Forces (CF). When you file has been reviewed and found to be complete you will receive an e-mail stating that your file is being sent to your local...
  7. Bart905

    Qur'an blunder has made Afghan mission more dangerous

    I could not agree with you more .
  8. Bart905

    Qur'an blunder has made Afghan mission more dangerous

    Burning any culture or religions holy books are never a good idea. Every documentary I watched on Afghanistan troops are always helping and supporting the locals to gain their trust/support. This stupid act of burning the Qur'an is a advantage for the Taliban due to the fact now they can recruit...
  9. Bart905

    Skilled/Semi-Skilled Entry Plans

    Yes it is Unskilled I asked this Question earlier
  10. Bart905

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7AQ8m-7WPU Israel owns the American Government . Search it your self who owns banks , who funds the campaigns for the presidents ?  UN is another puppet of America and Israel , I was wrong about saying " The UN " I should of said most countries of the " UN " . If...
  11. Bart905

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    Who owns most the banks in America ? after you do some research and find out the answer I will no longer need to answer this question 
  12. Bart905

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    I was at the barber shop today and the news was on and it said .... Iran threatens to strike first . No offense to our Israeli allies but Iran is not a pawn on the chess board . Iran vs Israel one on one I think Iran will diffidently win, but if course before that happens UN will step in and...
  13. Bart905

    Declining an offer (merged)

    As a applicant my self I would wait till the trade of my choice opens up due the fact if your serious about an military career, you want to be in a trade your most interested in.I know it takes a long time just to be on the merit list and once you get a offer your thinking like FINALLY and want...
  14. Bart905

    Declining an offer (merged)

    Congratulations .. I applied online on feb 2 2012 looks like I have a long way ahead of me . Hopefully you will get into the trade of your choices good luck . 
  15. Bart905

    Word association (just for fun)

  16. Bart905

    Declining an offer (merged)

    I guess you will find out on Feb 28 and let us know. How did the CF first contact you ? Through email or a phone call ?
  17. Bart905

    Water at BMQ

    I'm not a fan of tap water myself but after seeing the water they drink in some African and other country's , I'm thankful . Some people say TAP WATER IS BAD FOR YOU .... then I reply simply by saying so is the AIR YOU BREATH try to filter that out .
  18. Bart905

    Declining an offer (merged)

    There was a post on the same topic not too long ago and some of the more experienced members said that It will not affect you being on the merit list for the other trades u applied for but when you decline and asked to change a trade you will need to be interviewed for that new trade and go on...
  19. Bart905

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Me : [ Just going threw some post on this site ] Dad : Bart , I need your help Me : Okay with what Dad : There's this piece called Tornado for the air filter for my truck to make gas mileage better , can you look up how much it is? Me : Yea , whats the peice called ? Dad : Tornado Me : trust me...
  20. Bart905

    A ton of questions about recruitment

    I play sports at school during lunchtime . Tuesday , Thursday and Friday is Basketball / Monday and Wednesday is Soccer . I'm doing the 100 push up challenge currently on week 3 [ here's the link http://hundredpushups.com/week3.html ] I do sits ups on my days off the push up program :) . You...