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  1. AoD71

    New game: army story

    bit my ear
  2. AoD71

    OT to an EME Trade

    I've given up on the OT a long time ago. I'd bet my papers are sitting somewhere stashed away collecting dust, and it doesn't surprise me because I've talked to MANY people who are in the same situation.
  3. AoD71

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Heaven Shall Burn - The Weapon They Fear and Atari Teenage Riot - Speed
  4. AoD71

    OT to an EME Trade

    Yea, its frustrating, but I don't mind doing the course. Its a really cool course. I just want to know whats up, thats all.
  5. AoD71

    OT to an EME Trade

    Thanks for the replies. I just wish they would hand me a bone. This state of "not-knowing" is totally depressing  :-\
  6. AoD71

    OT to an EME Trade

    So I've asked around and did my homework. Somewhat. My instructors on SQ told me that they wont take any OTs during the course because I would have to complete my SQ course anyways. They also told me that the DP1 instructors would take my OT first day and I would probably be taken off course...
  7. AoD71

    OT to an EME Trade

    Hey everyone I am currently in the middle of an SQ course and I considering OT'ing to the following trades - Weapons Tech, Materials Tech, Ammo Tech or Vehicle Tech. I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me regarding the details of an OT. I've searched quite a bit, but I still have questions...
  8. AoD71

    Shortened recruiting times

    When you finish your application process, you are put on a merit list. It is exactly that - a list. How high you are put on it depends on how competetive you are, how well you did during you app. process: basically how much the CF wants you. Lets say you do very well, so you are placed high on...
  9. AoD71

    What would you do if this was your kid?

    Beating your kids these days can get you into a lot of trouble - so you fall back on psychological torture. Kid has to get up in the morning for school? Creep into to his room in the middle of the night with a hog horn. Whenever he's got his little "clan matches" going, kill the power to his...
  10. AoD71

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Celldweller - Switchback Spineshank - New Disease
  11. AoD71

    Question about Soldier Qualification ( SQ)

    Really? Shit. I'm supposed to be there for SQ and Infantry training  :-\
  12. AoD71

    Simple Idea nets a million

    So basically this guy made a page that is used for advertising? That's supposed to be new? Come on!
  13. AoD71

    Tips on Cleaning the C-7

    I don't believe chrome rusts, I think you would technically say it "oxidizes". I don't know if WD-40 is good on moving parts in your rifle, because of special solvents in it, and it causes a build-up of crap (for lack of a better word). I once got that tip for maintaining my milsim paintball...
  14. AoD71

    What to send to the boyfriend!

    I'm leaving for Basic really soon, and this thread gave some good points. I'm gonna give my parents some of these ideas, so they can send me stuff!! Right on, guys!
  15. AoD71

    What to send to the boyfriend!

    They issue you underwear?!
  16. AoD71

    If I join, what are the odds of getting shipped out?

    I was told by a recruiter that there is a very good chance of me going overseas in my first 3 years (initial contract). I think its a good deal, you get to experience more things that way, so you'll get a better idea if you want to continue doing this for a few more years.
  17. AoD71

    The Capital Punishment Debate

    I once read a newspaper article about Bernardo, a few months ago. The journalist was visiting his cell for an interview. He described the cell: It was in a separate section in the prison, for the f***ed up people like him. His cell had clear plastic walls covering the it, because the other...
  18. AoD71

    Top 10 Video Games of ALL Time!

    Right on! I never really liked PGR2 (I only liked looking through the Dealership, and test-driving cars). But the third one is amazing compared to it. The cars feel like they would in real life, and not like they are on shopping cart wheels like the first 2.
  19. AoD71

    Strategic vs. Tactical Airlift - What balance do we need? (from: Military wins no matter what after election)

    That was a good read! It is easy to tell the difference between the two, seeing all the pictures of the planes. Thanks, MdB, I never thought of going to Wikipedia >_<. It should have came to mind, since I always go there to make fun (by editing the pages) of the hate groups that are on it.  :threat:
  20. AoD71


    Evil Shenanigans!