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  1. Sailorwest

    Surface Warfare Officer badge

    Do you know how you get ahold of the miniature version? I assume that is intended for mess dress as well
  2. Sailorwest

    Birth of a Giant, the designing and building of the Argus ASW aircraft

    Cool video of the aircraft development. My dad flew the Argus from July 57 until Aug 60 with 405 sqn in Greenwood. His crew did a 26 hr patrol in 1960, a record at that point as i recall being told (well before my time)
  3. Sailorwest

    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    "ladies and gentlemen, remain calm. We have hijacked this thread and are re-directing it in various directions. It will all make sense.... at some point"
  4. Sailorwest

    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    so all this is great but I've been holding off getting my serviceable, if somewhat faded, NCD jacket (version 1?) changed out pending a new uniform style for a few years.  When will the be available? I've seen CRCN and Chief wearing these for a while now so are these now on the way?
  5. Sailorwest

    MARS being renamed?

    Its good to see that the pace of change moves along so rapidly. eight years to get this one done?
  6. Sailorwest

    Naval Dress Questions

    its fun working at Chotchkies. I have benignly delayed getting a new NCD jacket and still have one with a bluish patina because it still fits
  7. Sailorwest

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    more troubling is the holding of the scabbard while marching and saluting with the sword well out to the side while marching.  Shocking
  8. Sailorwest

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Truth is that almost none of the pending increases in taxes (carbon, GST, etc) is going to be earmarked for defence. Way too many issues that the liberal voting base are concerned about to dedicate a lot of spending on the military. Never been a priority in Canada and it never will.
  9. Sailorwest

    Insignia question: maple leaf over nametag?

    Okay, now what is the item underneath his CDS commendation?
  10. Sailorwest

    Is the Canadian Naval Reserve all but finished?

    The problem of course, is that those people who live in GTA, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are not skilled, employed and experienced in being a sailor. By hard experience we've found that people who are already full time in a real career are very hard to retain in the naval reserve as they...
  11. Sailorwest

    Internal Change Impossible?

    It is interesting to contrast this with the commonly held view that we currently have too much bloat at the senior officer level. The ones who leave today, probably make this decision in part based on the potential to have a meaningful role at the senior ranks in competition with everyone else...
  12. Sailorwest

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    Does it get worn above, below, to the left or right of the 1812 pin?
  13. Sailorwest

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    I sure wish this had been a simple time served award or even just randomly issued amongst the ranks. I had to write a dozen letters of merit nominating people to receive the DJM.
  14. Sailorwest

    QL3 Bosn

    Random thought here. Maybe ask your Div O. I think I recall being asked this kind of question in the past. Seemed like it was part of my job.
  15. Sailorwest

    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    The technology to develop GTL or LNG is not cheap. Methane has great potential to be a key energy source of the future but to convert it into a form that can be used to replace gasoline and oil based petroleum products is not going to make it a cheap source of energy. The people that want to...
  16. Sailorwest

    Lions and donkeys: 10 big myths about World War One debunked

    Interesting perspective in the article as we enter the centenary. I will need to read this book as I admit to knowing relatively little in depth about this war.
  17. Sailorwest

    Naval Environmental Training Program ( NETP )

    But they were okay with the Rum. Everyone is okay with the Rum. Perhaps they heard the tale of the search for the elusive "Golden" rivet and made a hard right turn to (I presume) join the Army.
  18. Sailorwest


    Saw this earlier from a different source. No doubt there is a lot of political play going on. That being said, there does seem to be a lot of smoke out there from this department. Maybe it is all being created by PSAC or those who are not currently forming government but my sense is that where...