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  1. Lance Wiebe

    What book are you reading now?

    I found a copy of "Tug of War" in a used book store. Author is W.D. Whitaker, DSO. It's all about the Canadian victory at Antwerp. I'm only about 25% through, but so far, the author is quite critical of Eisenhower, Montgomery, and especially Crerar. It certainly seems to be very well researched...
  2. Lance Wiebe

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    I'm having a particularly hard time trying to figure out why PP is considered the front runner. The only thing I can figure is name recognition, he's had his name is the news a lot more than his opponents over the last few years. It might work, it worked for our current PM. Aitchison has the...
  3. Lance Wiebe

    VAC wait times

    Okay, thanks for the explanation. I didn't see anything about percenatages in the letter, I guess that will come in another letter sometime.....
  4. Lance Wiebe

    VAC wait times

    So I finally got an answer to my claim. It was approved, specifically for degenerative disc disease, but the approval just said "approved five fifths". I have no idea what they mean by five fifths, and there was nothing in the letter explaining what that means, or what I may be entitled to. Can...
  5. Lance Wiebe

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    The American GAO says the cost per flight hour of the F35 is US $38,000. While I have no idea what the cost of the CF18 is per flight hour, apparently the F16 is US $25,000. That's a significant difference, no wonder the USofA is concerned. Should we be concerned?
  6. Lance Wiebe

    Liberal Minority Government 2019 - ????

    Well, all signs seem to be pointing toward our PM asking the new GG to dissolve parliament so he can call an election. I really hope the GG declines, but I suppose that's too much to wish for. I've long given up on trying to decide which party/candidate is the best one to vote for, now I'm...
  7. Lance Wiebe

    The WTF News Files

    That is insane, and horrified is the correct term. Are people actually that oblivious to what is happening around them? And the mother......should maybe start acting like a mother?
  8. Lance Wiebe

    What type of APC is this?

    I was in the 8CH in 78 when we went to Cyprus for the winter tour, leaving behind a half hanger full of ferrets. When we go back from tour in the spring of 79, the ferrets were gone, and we had a half hanger full of jeeps. The ferret was very quiet, and it was small enough that it was easy to...
  9. Lance Wiebe

    Remembrance Day: National holiday?/"Veterans' Day"? (merged)

    Very well done! I certainly don't blame you one bit for showing off your daughter.
  10. Lance Wiebe

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN: A Haunting YouTube Playlist

    Wow, cool stories! I have nothing to share, unfortunately, but I'm enjoying reading about your experiences.
  11. Lance Wiebe

    October Crisis: 50 years on

    Very true, the FGH actually had to form a third "Squadron" in 71 and 72, recruit numbers jumped quite a bit! The numbers, from what I was told in 1970, had dropped by almost half after the disbanding of the reg force FGH and the forming of the 12 RBC. Numbers climbed again after the FLQ crisis.
  12. Lance Wiebe

    October Crisis: 50 years on

    In 1970, I had just spent the summer doing basic and Armour training as a 17 year old in the FGH. Grade 12! Woohoo, almost done with school! All I remember was being told that we were on 4 hours notice to report to the armouries, and to keep our kit packed and close. It never got bad enough to...
  13. Lance Wiebe

    Helicopter/Cyclone discussion (split from HMCS Fredricton thread)

    I must admit, when the article mentioned it was a software bias, and not a software coding error, I was confused. I have never heard of a software bias before I read the article. I am happy to be corrected.
  14. Lance Wiebe

    Helicopter/Cyclone discussion (split from HMCS Fredricton thread)

    According to this article, it was a software "bias" that caused the crash. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cyclone-helicopter-crash-1.5613239
  15. Lance Wiebe

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    I've read all the emails from the leadership hopefuls, and checked out their respective web pages. I must admit, (being a long time CPC supporter) to being underwhelmed by the candidates thus far. Lewis seems to me to have the most thought out policy, most of which I can support. Sloan is most...
  16. Lance Wiebe

    Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    So sorry to hear that. It's hard to lose buddies.....
  17. Lance Wiebe

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    Even though Scheer has said he would stay on, a leadership review is mandatory under the CPC constitution. The CPC did terrible in the central Canada ridings; obviously a leader that can resonate more with Canadians of all stripes is required. O'Toole would be good, so would McKay. And I always...
  18. Lance Wiebe

    Coleman Lantern

    Interesting information. I used to command a 577 call sign 4B; Recce Sqn, RCD. We had two 577's, 4A and 4B. And we stencilled our call sign on almost everything we were issued, most vehicle crews did the same.
  19. Lance Wiebe

    Interesting article about NATO tank competition

    It is in a display case in a hallway at the Armour School, CFB Gagetown.
  20. Lance Wiebe

    Vincent NORMAN WOOD (RCD) - 06 Mar 1926 - 16 Feb 2018

    I met Norm for the first time back in the 70's as well, and at one of the RV's. Genuinely nice guy. RIP.