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  1. Tpr.Orange

    Toronto Garrison Ball

    woulda come but im posted in pet... not to return to toronto till after its over.
  2. Tpr.Orange

    1, 000, 000 Rounds Per Minute

    That weapons is called a area denial system. Its used much like the claymore. Metal storm has created that weapon from 10 000 rounds to 1000000 and more... however this is not their best system available. If you can find the video in their "mortar minefield" its some of the most interesting...
  3. Tpr.Orange

    Stolen pipes from Fort York Armoury

    God damn sorry to hear it... Ill keep my eyes open down town and see what i can do
  4. Tpr.Orange

    All Things HMCS Windsor (merged)

    Deffinatley my favourite line in the enitre article "No sailors were injured and the Windsor remains at sea. The vessel is the navy's only operational submarine." When will they get smart and just buy something FIRST hand
  5. Tpr.Orange

    Devils Night

    The best part of the night is sitting waiting with a lil airsoft kit, waiting for the little bastards to show up again
  6. Tpr.Orange

    "Over There" TV Series (Merged Topic)

    I love the show its seems to be fairly realistic. But again its going to be propeganda style videography.
  7. Tpr.Orange

    When in uniform...

    Ive had the name calling and the insults but never a finger laid on me or spit for that matter. In toronto the reaction to the forces is mixed. Im not going to say everyone out there is disrespectful. Infact its quite the opposite but like many situations there are a couple of bad seeds that...
  8. Tpr.Orange

    Official Recruiting Website

    leopards are still in service until 2013 so they still can be advertised... nav training is sometime more challenging then others depending on your trade and field time. Technically not lies.. Technically not all truths either
  9. Tpr.Orange

    Why do so many Engineers fail the "HC" course?

    what is an Hc course?
  10. Tpr.Orange

    Commuter Cringe driving along the Gardiner in Toronto.

    Im really interested to hear what unit this one came from.... Its about time some of the guys started using their big head.... and the public wake up and realize that soldiers happen to work all over canada and sometimes they happen to be armed.  ::)
  11. Tpr.Orange

    Dealing with parents and tour

    That is deffinatley a new one to me. Most likely the padre is going to contact your family to find out who lives at home how they feel about you going on tour and if there are any issues they should look out for while your overseas. But if your over 18 i cant see them stopping you. Unless the...
  12. Tpr.Orange

    Forklift Safety Video

    hehehe great movie!
  13. Tpr.Orange

    Sgt Ernest Smith VC dead at 91

    deffinatley upsetting news. RIP smokey may you reach peace at last
  14. Tpr.Orange

    Edmonton Soldier faces child pornography charges

    If guilty i hope he has a "wonderful" time in edmonton visiting club ed...
  15. Tpr.Orange

    Best Coffee Joints

    i can never doubt my good old timmies
  16. Tpr.Orange

    Freefall Accident

    merci buckets!
  17. Tpr.Orange

    Freefall Accident

    just to clarify whats an mfp course?
  18. Tpr.Orange

    Any other fans of the Trailer Park Boys?

    "Im the green bastard from parts unknown" Rub chicken wing on layhey's glasses. "hey trevor you alright? Actually I dont give a F*ck" I love that show and i cant get enough.
  19. Tpr.Orange

    What uniform (if any) do i travel in?

    Oh and when i say civvies i dont me looking like a slack and idle bag. Wear something respectful nothing that demeaning or "supposed to be funny"