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  1. fire_guy686

    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    They would protect the entire base. If I'm not mistaken bases either have a DND (civilians) or military fire department. 
  2. fire_guy686

    Surviving the Cut and Two Weeks in Hell.

    If you go on youtube and seach user name fmcc0904 you will find every episode of surviving the cut as well as Two Weeks in Hell.
  3. fire_guy686

    NHL 2011/2012 - Now "The Lockout" Thread

    Go Canucks!!!
  4. fire_guy686

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    There are chances to get on taskings or tours at any base. Chances are someone in Winnipeg or Greenwood won't be gone as much as a traffic tech at places like 2 Air Mov Sqn or 4 CFMCU. I'm at a smaller base and have done a tour and a hand full of smaller taskings. I've had other opportunities to...
  5. fire_guy686

    Master Cpl. Francis Roy Found Dead in Kandahar - June 25/ 2011

    Rest Easy Francis. You will be missed.  :salute: :cdn:
  6. fire_guy686

    Joining The Infantry

    The accepting applications list changed recently. Infantry and a few other trades weren't there a couple weeks ago. I'm just saying what I saw. If it's not open for applications they should sort their crap out and fix it so people don't get their hopes up.
  7. fire_guy686

    Joining The Infantry

    According to the recruiting website infantry is in demand. 
  8. fire_guy686

    MAMS_933 -----------> greyman_11

  9. fire_guy686

    Airborne Warning not Aircrew?

    It happens all the time.  My Sgt and WO were both loadmasters before coming here.
  10. fire_guy686

    Man drives CF truck onto airport runway

    The only time I ever see them doing ID checks is during a random check or when the individual doesn't have the 17 Wing sticker in their window.
  11. fire_guy686

    20 Jul 10: Sapper Brian Collier, 1 CER, R.I.P.

    Rest Easy Sapper Collier.  :salute: :cdn:
  12. fire_guy686

    Sgt. James MacNeil Killed in Afghanistan- 21/ June/ 2010

    Rest Easy Sgt Macneil.  :salute: :cdn:
  13. fire_guy686

    Questions about Joining Instructions Booklet

    That's what I always thought up until a week ago. I have dealt with two cases of people going to BMQ or BMOQ and sending UAB.
  14. fire_guy686

    Tpr Larry Rudd KIA in Afghanistan: 24 May 2010

    Rest Easy Tpr Rudd.  :salute: :cdn:
  15. fire_guy686

    Service Second to None

    We had some kit sitting on our rack in a half tri-wall for over a year. After getting sick of seeing it up there collecting dust we took it down to see if we could track the individual down. After some help from the clerks we found out this person had been out of the CF for a while. They...
  16. fire_guy686

    Service Second to None

    We generally let stuff sit around for a bit and if nobody comes to pick it up the civilian who does the receiving makes me send out friendly reminders to people. Usually I get a "oh I had been meaning to come in and get that for the longest time now" reply back. 
  17. fire_guy686

    Stanley Cup Playoffs 2010

    I like the sounds of Washington vs Chicago.
  18. fire_guy686

    Pte. Tyler William Todd, 1 PPCLI 11 April 2010

    Rest Easy Pte Todd.  :salute: :cdn:
  19. fire_guy686

    Service Second to None

    I always like the people who come into CMTT, tell me they need something shipped but when asked for basic info like an ADDRESS, FIN code etc they can't give me one. Then they get mad at me, sometimes lippy but usually just end up storming out with their panties all twisted.  The other line that...
  20. fire_guy686

    What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

    I got about three free coffees and a couple donuts. This was all when it first started. It's gone downhill since then.