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  1. ATCO

    CP-140 Aurora

    The RCAF kept the T-33 Silver Star (T-Bird) for 50 years so...  ;D
  2. ATCO

    RCAF Snowbirds cancel U.S. air shows to reduce costs

    A good decision IMHO as well. Airshows are nice but when budgets are tighter, it makes perfect sense cancelling the ones outside Canada.
  3. ATCO

    "Stalingrad" 3D/IMAX movie trailer

    You are right. There were no Panzer IV with side-skirts in Stalingrad. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzer_IV#Ausf._F2_to_Ausf._J If you can spot an obvious inaccurate historical detail in a short preview, I am not expecting much from this movie. Tell us later how it compares to this 1993...
  4. ATCO

    Winter training. Hands, feet, and head.

    From your avatar, I suspect that you are in an artillery unit  ;D Have you done the Winter Warfare Course yet? Course code is AGLW.
  5. ATCO

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Welcome to the board! I've been around in the CAF for a long while now so I'll share my experience going through CT. My CT from the reserve back to the Reg F in the same trade took just under 2 years. Started the process in 2011 and it came out from Ottawa as an offer in 2013. I must add that...
  6. ATCO

    Est-ce qu’on peut rentrer dans l'armée en étant à temps partiel de A à Z

    La Force de réserve est celle qui a des emplois à temps partiel. Le cours de base/recrue peut se faire les fins de semaines l’hiver ou à temps plein l’été. Le cours du métier choisi est à temps plein l’été, est d'environ huit semaines justement pour accommoder la clientèle étudiante et...
  7. ATCO

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Good day to all! Is there a reference for a time limit for a CDS or Command Commendation? Five years rings a bell but I need a knowledgeable person (and a ref) to confirm. Thanks, ATCO
  8. ATCO

    Retirment move overseas

    I'd like to post some links to some specific references but I don't have them handy. Having retired in 2009, I was briefed by the release folks in Ottawa that you can pick a location anywhere in Canada, which I did. So you could get your F&E moved to a suitable city in the Maritimes to get your...
  9. ATCO

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Thanks again! You are a person of a few words but extremely effective  ;D
  10. ATCO

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Thanks Eliminator, what is the link to your quote? Thanks
  11. ATCO

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Good day, I was wondering if there was any more specifics for nominations for a MSM? http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhr-ddhr/chc-tdh/chart-tableau-eng.asp?ref=MSM The description is, IMHO, fairly vague and might explain why it is seldom seen around compared to a MMM. Based on the DH&R site...
  12. ATCO

    Oxfords versus boots

    Being in the Army now, I've heard so many times that officers on parade can only wear shoes... So I refer to the Dress Manual A-AD-265-000/AG-001, Annex C, para 5 : "For army members, boots ankle shall be the normal footwear ordered worn on parade." I also note that our new officers get...
  13. ATCO

    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    dad_r22r, I would suggest that you ask for some contact training/OJT time in a tower like Bagotville. 430 Sqn is a an ok spot but you would benefit more from seeing a fighter base before your course. Regards, ATCO AEC instructor in Cornwall 2007-2009
  14. ATCO

    AEC officer and Aircrew Selection

    Congrats! AEC officer is a little known trade. It is extremely challenging, both in the learning phase and the operational phase. I was on the ATC side (my nick gives it away lol) for over 20 years, including as an instructor in 2007-2009 and I don't regret any moment of it. You should enjoy it...
  15. ATCO


    Bonne chance!
  16. ATCO

    Medal of Bravery nomination: The humble one left behind

    I am most interested in details like that, guidelines, examples, etc.
  17. ATCO

    Medal of Bravery nomination: The humble one left behind

    Noted. I should have used this board before!  ;) I might return for more great advice! ATCO
  18. ATCO

    Medal of Bravery nomination: The humble one left behind

    That's great to know. Let's add my senior NCO to the 5-year-later+ list! Court transcript: Excellent idea. When I got the report, I remember the police staff telling me that the suspect was found guilty in court. I didn't know I could ask for that! Thanks again to all of you. I got some work...