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  1. Donut

    Caught up in the medical?

    I'm not a recruiter anymore, nor have I ever worked in the CFRC medical det, but I do know from painful experience that repeated shoulder dislocations make someone unfit for field service, so you don't meet the common enrollment medical standards.  Go see an orthopedic surgeon and get the thing...
  2. Donut

    Milnet.ca Medic Q&A

    These have been asked and answered before, but since I'm procrastinating, I'll give you the answers again, even though this thread is for health related questions, not medical tng questions. Most Res medics are land element, so SQ is a must. The Res training is now a modular version of the Reg...
  3. Donut

    Reservists in the civilian police??

    I've got a City of Calgary EMS employee with me here in KAF, and I have to agree that the City of Calgary as an employer is probably one of the most supportive employers I've run across.  His terms and conditions of leave for military service are far superior to mine from the Government of BC...
  4. Donut

    Recruiting chain of command

    If you're a serving member, this may be something for you to pass up YOUR chain of command, versus calling up the CO of a CFRC.  While I'm sure the CO would like to know what's going on in his office, having some random reservist call him up isn't necessarily the "Army" way of doing things.
  5. Donut

    Magnum Desert Boots

    Blackhorse, I'm wearing a pair of amazon 4 db's as I type. I've worn their duty line for a couple of years now, in both my jobs, and I love 'em.  I went with the Amazon 4 DB's because the magnum fit is perfect for my feet.  They've held up pretty well to daily wear for the past month or so in...
  6. Donut

    CF "Captain Ed Smith" Rescues CIDA Intern in Cameroon

    What's really annoying here is that Canadian citizens ignore the advice provided by DFAIT and then expect DFAIT to bail them out when things go bad.  And, it's a High Commision in Camaroon, not an Embassy. The Camaroon country report as of June 2007 stated: 2. WARNINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS...
  7. Donut

    The Chuck Cadman Merged Thread

    Link? Again, the author of the biography and political candidate is hardly an unbiased source.
  8. Donut

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    And to top that off there's an order here that no additional pouches will be added to the trial vests, either ::)
  9. Donut

    The Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP)

    Wiley X goggles are specifically banned, as they reportedly do not meet impact protection requirements.
  10. Donut

    georgeharper: thinks Iraq = Afghanistan

    George, he, and you, are both absoloutly (sic) ignorant of the realities on the ground.  Why don't you get your ass over here and talk to an Afghan and see for yourself instead of sitting there reading a bunch of agenda-driven insurgent sympathizing websites? In reality Canada is here for a...
  11. Donut

    PM: Announcement on Choppers, UAVs Coming

    Matt, not to get this off topic, but the "turntable" or whatever it's called has been removed from just about all the blackhawks, so they can only carry two or three at a time (which is 2 or 3 more then the CF can carry in A'Stan right now  ::))
  12. Donut

    Are desert camo uniforms prohibited to be worn by soldiers not deployed?

    CadPat AR is to be returned within 90 days of return to Canada.  Some soldiers retain them for PR presentations etc, but that's on a case by case basis.
  13. Donut

    MEC board election

    Despite the average MEC employee's opposition to all things military, they still offer tax-free service to deployed members, so they're not all-bad. I've been to a few of the MEC Board Meetings, as they're all held in BC by law, and they're a lot of people saying "well, I've been a member for...
  14. Donut

    TCCC Shoulder Bag aka The Med Murse

    Coffee EVERYWHERE! And so, the FTMSB was born  ;D!
  15. Donut

    John Manley as UN Uber-Envoy in AFG?

    Appointing John Manley will also deny him to the LPC, something that might be a secondary objective of the current government, or a nice effect, anyway.
  16. Donut

    TCCC Shoulder Bag aka The Med Murse

    The problem with this is the term "Murse" is already taken:  Man Nurse, not Man Purse.  We've got a couple in KAF right now!
  17. Donut

    The 2008 Canadian Election- Merged Thread

    Hell, I'd pay to see that, I'd probably vote for one of them!
  18. Donut

    The 2008 Canadian Election- Merged Thread

    Sorry, I'm from BC.  Toronto is defined as everything south of a line drawn from Orillia to Belleville  ;D (just as Vancouver is everything West of Hope to most Canadians) Much of which is already blue on this map, too: ...
  19. Donut

    Milnet.ca Medic Q&A

    Uhm, G6T6, not GS? Short answer, you don't get posted on a t-cat.  Feel free to PM me and I'll tell you what I can, it's been a while since I administered such things, but I do have some idea.
  20. Donut

    The 2008 Canadian Election- Merged Thread

    As well, with the Liberals holding the crime bill up in the Senate, which is now also a confidence issue, if that gets rejected before the budget it gives the Conservatives the ability to campaign on a "tough on crime" plank, too, which will play well in Toronto and other urban centers which...