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  1. John Nayduk

    UNPROFOR Documentary

    Thank you for the links but it's not the one I'm looking for.  The Crash Landing link has a title of Opertion Homecoming when you watch the video.  I'm looking for a video about UNPROFOR in Yugoslavia. I'll keep looking, thanks again. Cheers, John
  2. John Nayduk

    UNPROFOR Documentary

    I have found a couple of leads.  DND produced a documentary called "Witness to Evil" but that seems to deal with Rwanda and The Passionate Eye did one called "Crash Landing" (discussed in another thread elsewhere on this site).  I have a friend who works for the CBC checking into the Passionate...
  3. John Nayduk

    UNPROFOR Documentary

    Well that's a start.  Do you guys think it was produced by DND (doubtful because many of the interviewees were very critical of the government) or just used by DND? Cheers, John
  4. John Nayduk

    UNPROFOR Documentary

    Bzzliteyr, do you remember what the documentary was called or who produced it?
  5. John Nayduk

    UNPROFOR Documentary

    A few years ago my wife and I watched a documentary about our involvement in UNPROFOR.  There was a lot of vets interviewed and they were very candid about the conditions that we served under.  I can't for he life of me remember the nameof the documentary or even who produced it.  Is there...
  6. John Nayduk

    21 (Windsor) Service Battalion

    I started out in the 21 Svc Bn, April 1980 to about November 1985.  Did a little time on the Sup List and then went to the Windosrs.
  7. John Nayduk

    AVGP Cougar now out

    I just finished the kit and it was a pleasure to build.  The moldings are crisp and the details bring back a lot of memories. Cheers.
  8. John Nayduk

    Wearing Uniforms Post-Release/Retirement (merged)

    Interesting, I didn't know that we could wear the DEU while on the Sup list.  Not that I will but it's interestiing.
  9. John Nayduk

    New medal??

    I just found this on the Canada Gazette website, anybody heard of this medal before? http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2010/2010-09-25/html/order-decret-eng.html
  10. John Nayduk

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    I may be chiming in a little late for this thread but I'll put in my two cents worth anyway.  :) I have to agree with RECCE GUY, ET AL.  My experience here in Windsor, Ontario has been much the same as many of you.  The ruling class (and even some of the employees, read bartenders) of the...
  11. John Nayduk

    Canada Recognizes "National Historical Significance" of Former T.Bay Plane Plant

    Cool.  My Mom and my aunt worked there during the war.
  12. John Nayduk


    Good to hear from you Jim.  Are you still in? I only made it down there once, passing through to deliver some camping trailers to election monitors further south.
  13. John Nayduk

    Afghan Medals Process (merged)

    At the risk of opening a can of worms but since this topic started out talking about a revamp of the honours we receive for serving Canada, I have a suggestion about the SWASM and the GCS. Historically, we (Britain) issued campaign stars which were worn before war medals.  Examples of this are...
  14. John Nayduk

    Afghan Medals Process (merged)

    The Canadian Press   Updated: Tue. Aug. 11 2009 6:49 AM ET OTTAWA — The military is recommending an overhaul of its medal system to address a growing number of complaints that have overshadowed the glittering honours awarded to troops who serve overseas. National Defence has conducted a...
  15. John Nayduk


    I remember that.  We were at the showgrounds in Windhoek at the time.  I still have a bunch of newspapers from that week at home in a box. 
  16. John Nayduk


    Good to hear from you.  Were involved with the parachute club at the airport?
  17. John Nayduk

    Battle Honours and Colours question

    I guess this is whee my thoughts were taking me (from a related post from February 2007); RHFC_piper raises an intersting point regarding the percentage of a unit involved in an operation to be eligible for a Battle Honour. From the reference noted above: Quote Normally, the rule that will be...
  18. John Nayduk

    Battle Honours and Colours question

    Does anyone have a quick link for battle honours in the DIN?
  19. John Nayduk

    WO Wilson, Cpl. McLaren, Pte. Diplaros - 1 RCR - 05 Dec. 2008

    There were three others wounded about a hour before we lost these three soldiers, one very seriously.  Let's say a prayer for their recovery as well.
  20. John Nayduk

    BFTs in City Equals "The Start Of A Police State"

    Harry's back with his comments about this story "Windsor police officers take crime fight to Kandahar".  Here's the link: http://www.windsorstar.com/Windsor+officers+making+difference/1023559/story.html (and a nice picture, if I do say so myself)