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  1. CanScotPatricia

    Buying a new pistol- looking for feedback

    I own an FN P99 in .40, a P 226, Glock 21, and a Colt M1911. If I had to choose one, P 226 all the way. Of your list, I would go with the H&K. The ergonomics remind me of the P99. I would go with .40, but obviously 9mm is the way to go for economical shooting.
  2. CanScotPatricia

    Will 2021 see a new pistol buy?

    The talk of replacing the Hi Power has been going on for years, when I joined the reserves in 81, there was talk of the Baretta 92 being adopted, but an armourer told me that Canada has a huge stock of surplus Brownings left over from WW2. When I transferred to the regular force, there were...
  3. CanScotPatricia

    Covid 19 relief for disabled vac pension recipients

    Thank you, PMmedmoe, that answers my question. I very recently changed chequing accounts (a week ago!), and I did actually change the direct deposit info with CRA the same day, I guess the system has not updated with the new account.
  4. CanScotPatricia

    Covid 19 relief for disabled vac pension recipients

    I’m curious, I qualify for the $600, but didn’t see any deposit. I hope it is a bank issue (TD), maybe it will be there Monday? Nothing on the VAC website.
  5. CanScotPatricia

    Deposit today

    Did the payment come from VAC or the CRA?
  6. CanScotPatricia

    Caregiver Recognition Benefit [CRB ]

    It’s pretty easy. You select the form in your MYVAC account, or ask for the form to be mailed to you(COVID protocol), complete the form designating your caregiver (your caregiver will have to have a bank account for deposits, I was told by VAC that VAC does not issue cheques for this program)...
  7. CanScotPatricia

    More than 6,700 veterans from Afghan war receiving federal assistance for PTSD

    I’m curious, what does one do if he discovers that someone he knows has submitted a completely fabricated PTSD claim based on a sexual assault (that never occurred). Does VAC have a fraud reporting section? It’s a criminal act I suspect, would notifying the civilian police in that jurisdiction...
  8. CanScotPatricia

    Ex Sailor with suspected COPD/Lung issues

    Did you get your cough or sleep apnea on a CF98? Is it documented anywhere? My nephew just got out of the Navy, and my only advice to him when he enrolled was to get every real injury or illness on paper, not in an MIR commando fashion mind you. I was 3PPCLI in the 80s, MIR visits were for...
  9. CanScotPatricia

    Over 100%

    Ticks me off, I have a 123% award, multiple conditions, ears, back, knees,head, typical infantry stuff. I know a few guys who have been awarded over 100%, but it is not many, and most are just over the 100%. I am curious to know just how many guys have exceeded the 100% threshold. It certainly...
  10. CanScotPatricia

    64 Pattern Ruck

    Still available?!?
  11. CanScotPatricia

    DEWAT Sten Mark 3

    How do you “cock and click” a Sten?
  12. CanScotPatricia

    Caregiver Recognition Benefit [CRB ]

    I successfully applied 3 years ago, at first the benefit was paid directly to myself, it is now paid directly to your caregiver. PM me if I can help.
  13. CanScotPatricia

    T4As are in...

    My first post. I received my T4A from VAC via email this morning. Check your MyVAC account for yours...