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  1. teddy49

    Vehicle Accident: MCpl Raymond Arndt LER

    I'm proud to say that I could count the fallen soldier among one of my friends.  He was a good friend and an even better soldier.  I want to extend my sincere condolences to his family, and express my regrets at being unable to attend his funeral. RIP
  2. teddy49

    pistols/ hand guns

    I have a Norcy Commander, that out shot the Springfield Loaded that I paid more than twice as much for. >:(  That was a piss off.  I swapped the Sprinfield for a Kimber TLE/RLII and that problem sorted it self out.  But even it doesn't shoot significantly better than the Norcy.  But I did put on...
  3. teddy49

    AK-47‘s ?????

    I never thought I'd get to say this, but Wes, you're out of your lane. :o  LOL The Yugo's set up up the plant in Tabuk.  And the rifles appear identical to Yugo versions.  Except that when you handle one you'll know that it wasn't made by Zastava, unless they were selling Saddam factory...
  4. teddy49

    Tactical Gear

    You may want to check out http://www.sotechmed.com/sm/ and http://www.specopstech.com/st/ They're both the same company, but one is their line of tactical medical products and the other is the load bearing gear.
  5. teddy49

    AK-47‘s ?????

    Thanks, yeah, it's an EO Tech (not sure which number) on an Ultimak Rail, which replaces the gas tube and clamps to the barrel.  Works pretty well, though it's a little high.
  6. teddy49

    AK-47‘s ?????

    Uhm...OK.  If you're a right handed shooter I'll concede the bulk of the ergonomic difficulties.  The safety sucks arse.  The cocking handle is in a poor position for the right handed shooter.  But misery loves company, you can find this feature on the SIG 54X and 55X series, the FNC, AR-18...
  7. teddy49

    AK-47‘s ?????

    :o  Wow!!!  Is that the cream of the Crop? :o I just bought an East German Fixed stock from one of my guards that was still in the cosmoline.  And he had 6 more.  I've picked up another East German Side Folder that probably has 90% finish on it.  My issued work AK is the worst of the bunch...
  8. teddy49

    AK-47‘s ?????

    I think "The Infidel" :P is being a little hard on them.  Or he's just spoiled by all that M-4 goodness. ;D  I've seen a lot of pretty messed up AKs here, but I've yet to see one with a bent gas tube.  Not that it can't happen, but it's certainly not common.  And believe me, Iraqis never fail to...
  9. teddy49

    9mm, Too old?

    Uhm...Just in case you're not kidding.  The Inglis Chinese Contract guns were made in Canada for export to China.  They were never exported because the filthy godless commies took over.  They were not made in China.
  10. teddy49

    The USAF Tanker Replacement Programs- Merged

    The story makes no mention of the Air Force's KC-10 tankers.  They're no spring chickens either, but they certainly are newer than 45 years old.  They can also carry palletized freight.  I don't imagine the AF would want to give up that capability to buy American.  But despite the Pan-European...
  11. teddy49

    New Tac. Vest's W/ Modular System's

    In addition to some of the others mentioned, HSGI is usually able to deliver in CADPAT as well.
  12. teddy49

    Counterinsurgency/COIN Literature & Discussion (merged)

    Well in a word yes.  Without breaking any opsec rules, our guys in Baghdad run lo-profile.  That means drive vehicles that don't stick out.  Use local drivers.  Blend in with traffic, not trying to maintain a 100 meter bubble.  Don't drive in  any recognizable formation.  Keep your weapons out...
  13. teddy49

    Counterinsurgency/COIN Literature & Discussion (merged)

    In you're earlier post, you talked about having the American's dying at the same rate that Iraqi's are.  That link is to the CIA world factbook ranking of countries gross death rate per 1000 people.  The lower your countries death rate, the higher it's number.  Iraq is 184th with 5.37...
  14. teddy49

    Counterinsurgency/COIN Literature & Discussion (merged)

    Ok where to start? Zipperhead_Cop.  I gather from you're profile that you are a member of Windsor's finest.  Perhaps I'm mistaken.  Allow me to stretch the analogy a little further.  Would you like to roll through the streets of Windsor in a no smaller than 3 vehicle convoy, armed with C-7s and...
  15. teddy49

    Kalashnikov still the best?

    Short barrel gas operated Semi Auto, or Full Auto rifles typically have more severe pressure curves than their longer counterparts.  This is due to the gas ports being closer to the chamber, and thus the fired cartridge, than on the full length version.  This can be an advantage in rifles with...
  16. teddy49


    Agreed on the 8.2 Detroit, but the last sentence doesn't make any sense at all to me.  I used to pull turnpike double in between Edmonton and Calgary with a C-12 powered tractor.  That motor is legal in Canada for highway use.  All Cat motors last I checked, met Euro III emissions regs, which...
  17. teddy49

    Counterinsurgency/COIN Literature & Discussion (merged)

    I think you're missing the point.  I think he's trying to get people to visualize Buford T Justice and his idiot son when he's talking about the deputies.  And to be honest, from what I've seen of the US Military in Iraq, that's about the best analogy I can think of.  As they tear through Iraq...
  18. teddy49

    Kalashnikov still the best?

    Well most of the ammo here is marked as M855, but most of it is pretty dodgy and of indeterminate origin.  I think if we could get some kind of shock buff to go on the spring guide to keep the carrier and op rod from hammering into the spring guide base plate and the back of the receiver, we...
  19. teddy49

    Kalashnikov still the best?

    Yeah Big Red is talking about the SIG rifles.  We work for the same company, and I'm the guy who has to try to build good guns from the bad ones.  We've had some peculiar failures.  We've had the bolt carrier crack.  Broken Op rods.  The gas tube that came apart.  The most frustraiting failure...
  20. teddy49

    5.56mm in bandoliers

    No the springs do not get weaker if you keep them loaded.  If the top 3 rounds of ammunition fall out of your rifle mags, start looking for damage to the body.  Or check that the follower is aligned properly.  This was a common enough problem on AR magazines, the the followers have been...