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  1. Old EO Tech

    CRA 60

    Yes the CDS can approve 363 day extensions at a time if it is justified, most I have seen/heard off, are about late entry people that just want to complete 20 years etc
  2. Old EO Tech

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    I can only speak for myself, but I very much prefer pips to the old generic "merchant marine" rank.  Now if the CA could only get a real Army looking uniform...even bringing back the Tan DEU would be a massive improvement.
  3. Old EO Tech

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    Interesting, but yes your last point is not much different than being an SRCP Officer, technically we are promotable, but we have none of the check boxes needed to merit high enough to actually be promoted :-/
  4. Old EO Tech

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    So in practice how are COATS GS Officers/NCM employed?  At the unit level or at the regional/national HQ levels?
  5. Old EO Tech

    Soldier Operational Clothing and Equipment Modernization

    Well IMHO, the problem here is that we are using operational dress for daily work dress, which is both expensive and creates the "uniformity" problem.  Wearing 3B for us office dwellers works for this issues, but its actually not a very good uniform for anything but looking pretty, pockets are...
  6. Old EO Tech

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Well I'm not going to speculate on personalities that may or may not have done that in the past.  But neither does a CWO have to say he's speaking for his Comd, for that to be a fact. I would find it considerably condescending to ask the ASM if he talked with his boss before issuing this...
  7. Old EO Tech

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    I don't think anyone said the ASM was off in left field making decisions all on his own, just because we don't see the inner workings of a senior command team doesn't mean its not happening.  In my experience, CWO at any level of command are given the delegated authority by their CO/Comd to...
  8. Old EO Tech

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Or could it be that the ASM and the CCA actually chat once in a while and the ASM is enforcing the command direction of the CCA? ....hmmm
  9. Old EO Tech

    All Things Air Defence/AA (merged)

    I'm sure we could do a more modern version of the LAV-AD using a LAV6 chasis, and what ever is the best missile/chaingun/FCS on the market today. https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/lav-ad.htm
  10. Old EO Tech

    Proper Use of Post-Nominals

    Were I work in DGLEPM, since our business is engineering on land equipment, it's common to see P.Eng or PMP etc in signature blocks as it's relevant to what we do all the time. Jon
  11. Old EO Tech

    LAV 6.0

    This project doesn't include RECCE because RECCE variants are already part of the original LAV UP Project, they have not been delivered because of issues with the surveillance suite because the original OEM went bankrupt :-/  And now we have a mess of trying to get the IP for the mast from the...
  12. Old EO Tech

    Nijmegen March Medal. Authorized for wear on CAF DEU , mess kit?

    Thanks I'm well aware of the regs, which is why I stated he was wearing one set on the wrong side, ie the left pocket as I guess he just had to many foreign wings :-/  I would also question that a NATO conference is a "formal function" sponsored by "the country concerned", but I guess as CDS he...
  13. Old EO Tech

    Nijmegen March Medal. Authorized for wear on CAF DEU , mess kit?

    I'd be interested to see a picture of that, but I guess its no different than the CDS wearing foreign wings on the wrong side of his tunic at a NATO conference :-/
  14. Old EO Tech

    Nijmegen March Medal. Authorized for wear on CAF DEU , mess kit?

    Agreed we all wear our foreign jump wings on our mess kit despite regulations I would argue the difference though is I have never seen GOFO/SA CWO wearing a commemorative medal on their mess kit wear as there are many examples of them wearing foreign wings that we can all point to as "the example"
  15. Old EO Tech

    Dress and Deportment

    I do agree this should have been done in DEU 1A, it's not that hard to get dressed in that.  And weapons/swords should not even be seen in CADPAT except for parade practices, no were in the CAF Dress Regs does an order of dress exist for work dress(which is what CADPAT or NCD with Berets is)...
  16. Old EO Tech

    Dress and Deportment

    Exactly were are you quoting this 2 fingers from?  That is not what the CFG says, all it says is the beard must be trimmed at the neck, last time I checked the neck ends at the adams apple and anything above the adams apple is chin not neck....
  17. Old EO Tech

    IR Postings [Merged]

    Possible but it's hit and miss.  I am coming IR to the NCR in August, downtown options are very limited, I put myself on a waiting list at the Cartier Inns and suites for the very reason that it would have cable and wifi, but there is a 30 person waiting list...  Fortunately the apartment I...
  18. Old EO Tech

    IR Postings [Merged]

    I certainly agree, I understand the TB policy on Food costs, but I don't know why they won't cover the entire cost of cable/internet, it's not like being away from home is decreasing my home cable/internet one bit, nor can you claim being connected in a luxury in 2019... Jon
  19. Old EO Tech

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    I'm doing this scenario right now, promoted from CWO To Capt, it is the day before your actual promotion date on your message.  EPZ is just a date that allows you to be promoted with fewer conditions.  The promotion date on your promotion message is what is used to determine your rate of pay in...