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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Are there still any HRA positions for the year?
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    Human Resource Admin Clerk (HRA Clk)

    Does anyone know when the next HRA selection dates are?
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    CTS Rucksack Entitlement?

    I love the CTS ruck as a vehicle tech,  I can load half my house into it and my truck doesn't care how heavy it gets  ;D
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    Academic Upgrading

    Did a quick search and didn't find anything that quite matched. I'm looking to upgrade my academics in order to eventually pursue a university degree, I need to pick up a few high school credits to qualify, can I be reimbursed for those online courses through the military (they run at about...
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    Close Protection Courses 2014/2015?

    What would close protection consist of?
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    Are infantrymen indefinitely being deployed into combat roles right now?

    The honest truth in the infantry right now is you will train about 15% of the time and play cards the other 85%.  All combat arms you will sit around more then anything.  We aren't deployed anywhere in a major way right now and we don't have the budget to train as much as we should. The...
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    Medical Standards & Common Medical Questions/Topics

    The only way to know for sure is to speak to your recruiter and be up front about everything.  Every application is looked at on a case by case basis.
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    Another question...this time about deployments

    There is a lot more to being a good officer then being intellectual and, from my experience as a NCM (granted that is only 3 years) the best officers often are hands on. Just food for thought you might be applying for something a little more then you think.
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    Self driving vehicles

    Obviously I'm all for saving lives, but all I can picture with this is me trucking myself through the mud to hook up a stuck Unmanned vehicle because I have no drivers to send into the hole during a recovery.
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    Recently big infantry intake

    It doesn't really operate that way.  Trades all have a set number and if they are below they hire if they are equal or above they don't. As far as I know the Veh Tech world is out of the red zone but we still need a constant replenishment as alot of people shuffle out of this trade.
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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    They have an assembly line type room aside from the normal canex that is just for the new kids.  You just walk along with a cart and staff throw the items in the cart.  This ensures everyone has the exact same items therefore the exact same standards can be upheld I.E. inspection layouts. You...
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    Electronic-Optronic Technician ( EO Tech )

    CET - Common EME Training (Convoy ops, field workshops, core history etc) CETT - Common EME Technical Training (Tools, Garrison workshops) EO DP1 takes a very long time and is not run very often he will likely spend a long time in PAT The EO techs that just arrived in Petawawa from Borden had...
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    There is a bus that goes from the St.Jean bus station to Montreal and back again.  Its only a few dollars.  Other then that its a taxi which is about $70-$80.  Or you could always see if any of your course mates travel to or through when you need to go.
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    Help with Healthy Weight Gain please.

    At 88lbs you could have a kit load-out weighing as much as you  :nod: I've never had issues with weight being 6'4" and 220lbs but eating more, and working out more has been a long standing method of weight gain.  Supplements are great just try and keep fairly natural things like whey proteins...
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    Warrior Platoon

    I honestly feel warrior should not exist.  These people should have a second chance but not on DND payroll.  I think it should be a test at the CFRC if your not quite up to par then leave the file open give them another chance to improve themselves and come back whenever they are ready.  I knew...
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    Air Force Fleece in an Army unit.

    Just as a side not I believe beret is authorized in RCAF 1A under certain circumstances I believe there was a topic on it ill try to locate.  The photo of the new base commander here in Borden has her wearing her beret in 1A
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    After BMQ-Questions from a Wife.

    I'm at the school now.  After your QL3 (DP1) you must be posted to an OJT centre.  Those are the OJT centres. We can't even pick anything but those bases on our posting preferences.  After you complete QL4 and come back to Borden for your QL5(DP2) You can be posted anywhere.  Until then OJT...
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    After BMQ-Questions from a Wife.

    After BMQ a lot of the new guys have been going straight to SQ which is now BMQ (Land).  If he doesn't he will be shipped out to do it at some point on PAT.  It is 4 weeks long and can be held at any of the bases listed above.  When he arrives in Borden he will be on PAT (Persons Awaiting...
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    A good balaclava?

    That's weird because all land pers were issued the neck gaiter leaving St.Jean when I finished last November try and get one issued they are a great piece of kit
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    Has anyone else noticed the HUGE flags we get to wear on the ICU.  They are about the same size as the American flags on their ACU's