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    Canada's tanks

    Hi, I'm trying to understand why Canada has so few battle tanks (around 82)? For context, France has 406, Argentina 349, Spain, 327, Italy 200, Switzerland (!) 134, Sweden 120.... (Source: Tank Strength by Country (2021)) UK has 227 (British Army to get 148 Challenger 3 tanks in £800m deal)...
  2. J

    British regimental culture

    Agreed. No one said regimental pride translates to operational efficiency. This post is only about the particularities of regimental culture and traditions in the British Forces, nothing else.
  3. J

    British regimental culture

    I'd love to hear from CAF members who have been posted to UK regiments and vice-versa to hear their experiences
  4. J

    British regimental culture

    I recently met an officer of the Queen's Royal Hussars (UK) and we had a great chat about their regimental culture. I was envious to hear about their traditions, mess life, sports culture (they have a team for virtually every sport, from skiing to soccer..), sense of heritage (new members are...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    PRes to RegF, both Armoured,  DEO Officer. I completed BMOQ and going to PhaseII (CAP, BMOQ-A, BMQ-L, whatever it's called now) this summer. Since apparently Phase III differs from RegF to PRes (Leo 2 vs Recce), would it be wiser to CT after completing PRes PhaseIII or put in the request after...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Hello, 28y/o, PRes Armour 2Lt having going to phase 2 this summer (1 year in the CAF). I have a comfortable and mentally stimulating civvy job with the government but I'm sick of the 'cubicle' 9-5 life and lack of camaraderie. So far I've enjoyed every second of army time, performed well, and I...
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    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    Hi, Is it true that for Reserve Officer (Armoured Recce) they only look at your past 5 years in order to determine if you need enhanced screening? I have dual citizenship since birth and grew up abroad, but I have been based in Canada for the past 6 years and only left the country for vacations...
  8. J

    How will dual citizenship affect application processing time - Reserves

    Would you mind telling from which trade to which trade you switched that lowered your security level? Thanks
  9. J

    The Iron Men (1963) short documentary

    Newly emerged documentary of 1963 about the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal). In English : http://rch.ca/en/rch-history/the-iron-men/ In French: http://rch.ca/histoire-du-rch/les-hommes-de-fer/
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    Expedited Reserve Enrollment (ERE) process [Merged]

    Hello, As we know, the Reserves are going through a process to accelerate recruitment and training. I’ve read things here and there but I would be grateful if anyone could clarify the following: -A reserve recruit can be enrolled while the security clearances are being done? -Summer BMQ is now 4...