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    Jun 2022: "Canadian Military Snipers Getting New Rifles"

    It may be that small drones can do a better job than sniping with rifles and offers the operators more concealment. I've been retired for years so I don't know the level the CAF is involved using drones.
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    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Corruption is rampant.and likely Chinese Communist Party funded. That Canada doesn't have or use laws to remove these offenders baffles the mind
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Trudeau is all hat and no cattle, Canada won't get more military spending, just look at the medical assistance to provinces offered. The CAF needs new equipment and more of it and more troops and training. We could not shoot down a Chinese balloon, the balloon itself quite low tech. Our govt...
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    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    Oh yes the covid shots and boosters. Canada still promotes them while many other 1st world countries have identified the serious problems with these vaccines. For better explanation view Dr John Campbell on YouTube. Get the truth, not the mistruths.
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    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    It would be a much shorter list to say which ones were not. He certainly exacerbated any problem he encounters.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    I thought my last few years (years ago) were somewhat sad for the forces but I see now they are worse today. Only a new govt. with new leader and ministers can reverse the negatives and produce a robust CAF. I see previously mention of immigrants. Govt has always wanted more immigrants, the...
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    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    Again Trudeau displays his childish ideas. Can't help others when we have so many problems right here in Canada and caused by Mr Illustrious.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    If the Trudeau mouth is open you are hearing a lie. He's proved he's completely undependable except to create disasters. The WEF and UN control his actions not to mention the Chinese communist party. He spends others $$ like it was water. For a brighter outlook watch YouTube Dr John Campbell...
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    New machine guns from. Colt Canada

    The current mg's are old guns and many do not get rotated in and out of heavy use unless backloaded for repairs. I remember the Diemaco C7/C8 and C9's when first introduced in the forces. I would think there are many new spare parts for the c6 and C9 in weapon shops and in supply. Of course...
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    Deer Hunting Rifle Recommendation

    Good suggestions for the 270, 30-30, .308 etc. Shot placement is more important. Sourcing guns such as auctions, you need to know what to look for or have someone look at what you like so you get a rifle that does not require repair. New firearms are more accurate than in the past with the use...
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    Federal Carbon Tax

    As with all taxes they go into the big pot and later decisions aim the $$$. Chances are ZERO $$ will be effectively spent on a debatable idea of climate change, even the name is changed from global warming. There is some science to it, political spin to remove $$ from our pockets. The truth is...
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    Prime minister apologizes to reporter but doesn't remember why?

    The day when the media no longer mentions the name Trudeau will be a good day!
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    Marijuana and Other Drugs - Testing For Impairment

    Trudeau has only expanded a problem. Taxation was the reason and now peep into every banking transaction to see who's buying online. The agenda for legalization is insidious. Any pot head who voted for him should think twice if they can. Is the danger pot or the man who pushed to make it...
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    Conservative MP Tony Clement resigns Commons duties over sexting scandal

    What a world we live in??? Clinton and cigars are ok, Clement not? Reward terrorism with $10.5 million then add more to over $40 mil??? That's ok???? Had the Conservatives done even 1% of what the Libs have done, the Libs would scream and loose it. I can't wait for the next Fed election, that is...
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    Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 New in Box

    I have a new in box Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 in MRADs. This is the first generation PST.  The scope is a new replacement from Vortex warranty that I just received. Cost was over $1200 including tax. Selling because gun club I am with no longer allows 7.62mm on their 600 yard range and I don't...
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    Wilkinson Sword Royal Canadian Artillery

    Sold.  My apologies if I have not answered messages as I'm rarely on this site and I do not get email notifications when a message is received here. I will endeavour to check this site more frequently.
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    Wilkinson Sword Royal Canadian Artillery

    I'd like to see this Wilkinson Royal Canadian Artillery sword go to a good home. Price drop to $950 and shipping within Canada free.  This is only when paid in cash or certified bank draft. If picking up in person the price is $900 cash. This Wilkinson sword is made in the same manner as...
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    Wilkinson Sword Royal Canadian Artillery

    FS a near mint Royal Canadian Artillery officers sword for sale, RCA etched on the blade and the current monarchs cypher. This is a Wilkinson made sword with case, both plated dress scabbard and leather field scabbard. 3 bar hilt, blade all as new. Wilkinson made these swords as fighting...
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    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    pilots are not supposed to drink X hours before flying too but they do it.  Controlling the pot issue will be of concern, who wants someone high working with them on heavy equipment, stuff that can injure or kill you if your mind isn't there. There is no necessity for using pot except for some...
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    On 202 Workshop: inefficiencies and underperformance

    Interesting comments many with substance. I was at 202 for 2 years 78-88. It seemed on the wpns side both small arms and Leopards at the time that some civilian and military individuals did not have the training or were incompetent. Our small arms civilian boss made more work for us than...