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    Quick question

    Yes, but you have to wait a year, also, everything you told them is attached to your service number, so if you're planning on lying about something. They'll know.
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    Selection dates.

    I believe April, since thats the new fiscal year. could be wrong, but I was told my trade I choose is full, but after April it will be open again.
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    Re-enrolling enhanced check

    As far as I know, if you've had clearance before you'll get it again, unless of course you've done something terrible in between then and now. My clearance didn't take long to get, and it was 8 years or so? since i've been in reg force. That's for the reserves too.
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    RMO Medical Review

    I mean as long as its not a persistent problem you should be ok.
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    Getting commissioned after NCM

    I personally have not done this, but if you get in as an NCM and want to be an officer later you can, but I do believe you have to wait until resigning and you'd need to talk to a BPSO.  And as far as I know it's all possible, but you do have to re do the CFAT.
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    Medically Unfit

    I got denied one time. I thought the only way to really "fight it" is to re apply in the future when it wasn't a problem anymore. I did that, and I got in the second time. I actually have all my files from the medical interview. Upon release I made sure I requested it from the RMO so I had all...
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    Coronavirus Impacts on Recruiting Process etc

    I was reg force back in 2009. Im not sure how any of the training stuff works now. I'm an old man now ahaha. But before, I believe you could dual qualify for winter warfare if you did at least your SQ in the winter. But from what I gather everythings broken into components now like DP1.1, 1.2...
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    Coronavirus Impacts on Recruiting Process etc

    Nice, I did my FORCE Test, and Interview like this past week. Was told the Unit im looking to join wont have basic until Spring 2021. Just have my Medical to do, next week. Infantry as well.
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    Looking To Enlist

    Do yourself a huge favor. Don't let someone else tell you what's better than another option. Do the research, and come the conclusion yourself. That way if you don't like the job you can't blame someone else.