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    Benefits Cut...

    The latest http://cmp-cpm.forces.mil.ca/dgcb/dcba/docs/cffaqa_e.doc ISSUE : CF Compensation and Benefits Framework Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to changes announced in CANFORGEN 145/12, effective 1 September 2012 Q1. In the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CFIRP)...
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    Magnum Boots where to get online or in canada?

    I have been happy with domsoutdoor.com, excellent service.  Landed here in NS the cost was $150, plus 16 shipping, plus 28 duty/taxes for 2 pair of magmun stealths and never waited more than 7 business days.  Great that our CDN buck is pretty well on par.
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    END of an ERA (the wedge)

    Looks like the message is out.  Received the email with the info a few days ago.
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    END of an ERA (the wedge)

    Should of been more specific. I was refering to the blue beret. Nothing wrong with the Tan or Orange
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    END of an ERA (the wedge)

    We are getting off topic here Why would you wear the cadpat jacket with the flying suit?  That is why we are issued flyer jackets. (Then again we have those that love to mix and match) If you are wearing the flying suit then it's the wedge.  The beret with the flying suit looks like crap IMO.
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    END of an ERA (the wedge)

    I would love to see the beret and wedge gone! I would be content going to ball caps.
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    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    From what I recall, I did my Air Crew medical last year and once the file was sent to DRDC(T) it took about 2 months for my air factor to show up in peoplesoft.  A fews months after my air factor was updated in peoplesoft I received a medical doc from DRDC(T) that I was medically fit for the...
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Congrats Glenn Maybe we will be on the same BAC course. Nothing like pushing the message to the last minute that requires an answer by Feb 1st Scott "on my way to being a former SigOp"
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Well I accepted the offer right away so I am on my way to being an ex sigop.
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Received my offer this morning for AESOP.
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    Have a methacholine challenge test done. This should prove if you do or do not have asthma.
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    What's DEU #1A (tunic with medals)?

    See the following photos for All Orders of Dress http://esquimalt.mil.ca/bcomd/Base%20Chief/Army%20Dress.htm http://esquimalt.mil.ca/bcomd/Base%20Chief/Navy%20Dress.htm
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    Semi skilled Med tech/Corporal after BMQ?

    I am not a Medic but I happen to be an instant Corporal. During the recruiting process I signed on as being semi skilled and received a 10K signing bonus.  The key to all this is to have everything documented and signed and have a copy for yourself.  All this should be done before you...
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    Gatorade VS. Water?

    While doing the training for this years Nijmegen most members diluted Gatorade 50%. Some members complained that on 30+K marches that Gatorade mixed at suggest would cause them stomach cramps.
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    SigOp QL5 Journeyman Course

    Yes Buchanan is still there. Been instructed by not to email him directly and to proceed with my questions by going throught CoC first.
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    SigOp QL5 Journeyman Course

    navymich - it would be great if your friend can answer my question. 735_winnipeg - I am at Greenwood
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    SigOp QL5 Journeyman Course

    Looking for current information on the SigOp QL5 Journeyman Course. I am slated to go on the course later this year and wondering if anyone has taken the course recently. Not much on the CFSCE site. I see the course is now 28 training days. Curious what the day consist of and what I will be...
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    Packing a Ruck

    "The pace also varied between 8-11 minutes per km. crap that is slow (11 minutes per Km) ! I am used to 1 Km per 9 minutes and I am sure some will consider that slow. Try to keep the stride at 128 - 132.
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    Anyone Know a Good Tent?

    I would definately recommend Hilleberg Tents. It would be the last tent you would buy for a very long time. http://www.hilleberg.com/Home.htm
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    Surplus stores

    I know this is not a Surplus store but for the real thing 1-800-856-8488 http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/Chief_Land_Staff/Clothe_the_soldier/hab/2/2423_e.asp