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    Question about Mechanic trade in Army

    Emailed recruiting, no reply yet lol
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    Question about Mechanic trade in Army

    Hey Everyone, One dream of mine has been to join the military, I am 33 and time is flying by so am looking at actually possibly making the jump. I am a red seal heavy duty mechanic, class 1 license, can operate anything out there, very proficient with all kinds of firearms etc. The one thing...
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    Chance of Deployment [Merged]

    Hey everyone, So I am in the process of applying but still narrowing down my choices of positions. I want to be deployed eventually, Main positions I wanted are combat engineer or infantry. What combat type position would be most likely to be deployed? Anyone have any idea what conflicts we...
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    Questions about joining the Reserves

    I did a search on this forum but when typing in reserves, I get all kinds of posts that are no help. I have always wanted to join the military, I figured a good start would be the reserves. Main reason being, I could not afford the rent and bills we have along with raising a family in Alberta...