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    I dislike RMC

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    to make sure you aren't a communist spy

    to make sure you aren't a communist spy
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    Advice on RMC/am I good enough?

    This is a solid resume. I got accepted to RMC with less. If you want to go into an engineering degree (which I HIGHLY advise against if you want to go to RMC and not a civilian university. my roommate is in eng and he hates his life) or a science degree, make sure you have taken the required...
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    I dislike RMC

    actually sir, otter squadron still exists the extent to which it provides "much needed leadership" is debatable
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    DAODs/CFAOs on RMC Transfer to CMRSJ?

    Good day all, I'm currently writing a memo to my CoC requesting transfer to CMRSJ to possibly expedite the process. I'm looking for CFAOs and DAODs regarding any policies on this to reference, but I can't find much. Anyone have any info/experience on this?