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    Brad/Chelsea Manning: Charged w/AFG file leak, Cdn angles, disposition (merged)

    I posted a link to the article, George, I make no claims for its accuracy. You jumped in with a sneering remark claiming these men were killed in four different locations at four different times by some miracle bomb (that also wounded four other pers and a terp.) The facts show they were...
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    Brad/Chelsea Manning: Charged w/AFG file leak, Cdn angles, disposition (merged)

    Fantastic analysis, George, your usual standard. The thread is richer for your contribution. "Frank was standing on one side of Sergeant Major Barnes and Will Cushley was standing behind him, behind what -- I don't know what the military calls it but -- what we'd call a front-end motor, and the...
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    Brad/Chelsea Manning: Charged w/AFG file leak, Cdn angles, disposition (merged)

    Probably deserves its own thread, but mods, feel free to merge. Hadn't seen this one brought out yet. OTTAWA - The mother of a Canadian soldier killed by insurgents in Afghanistan says a leaked document suggesting that her son was in fact killed in a friendly-fire incident is wrong. The...
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    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    Now if it had been England keeper Robert Green who claimed to be the author of the message, I'd totally buy it.  ;D
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    Capt. Robert Semrau Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

    How many milpoints can I award a single post?
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    Brad/Chelsea Manning: Charged w/AFG file leak, Cdn angles, disposition (merged)

    They've already found the source of the leak. Step on up SPC Bradley Manning.
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    Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) Machine Gun

    Kit Up has been on this issue like a fat kid on a donut and got their hands on the LSAT test shoot vid. It's here: http://kitup.military.com/2010/07/lsat-test-shoot-video.html
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    Brad/Chelsea Manning: Charged w/AFG file leak, Cdn angles, disposition (merged)

    Here's the best guide to the Wiki doc dump I've seen so far: By and large, like most of the stunts pulled by Assange, this one's long on light and short on heat, nothing we didn't already know if you were paying attention to our wars...
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    I know, T, and if I can shed some light my work here is done. But you know, I know, and everyone here knows that unlike civvie world, when something bad happens in mil land, the order goes out that everyone needs to STFU five minutes ago. I'd love to talk to the tech that serviced that plane or...
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    And I'm not trying to pile on you Tony, but I do note, when you saw this story, you didn't say to yourself, "I'm not going to post this to army.ca, I'm going to wait a few weeks until all the facts are corrected and official statements are released."  >:D
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    Trust me, I know. But people want to know what went 'whomp' and why their neighbourhood smells like burning jet fuel all of a sudden, and what's that smoke?, so we have to stop what we're doing and go ask. We didn't see it either, so we have to ask people, and hopefully intitial errors are...
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    George, take it from me, half the facts reported in the first 24 hours after a major news event are wrong, only because we have to rely on dumbasses we talk to an the lack of first-hand information. Here's an example. If you read what you quoted above and made such fun of, it was the RCMP who...
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    I've only been covering news for 25 years, I wasn't aware there was a golden hour where all the rumours, reports, conflicting eyewitness testimony and supposition disappeared, leaving only facts.
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    Come on, Tony, what are we supposed to do with an editor screaming at us through a cell phone? Tell him there appears to have been a plane crash but we're not comfortable writing anything about it until the BOI report is issued in 18 months?
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    Kandahar PRT Handyman "Popeye" Reportedly Murdered

    I'm a member of a US-based news aggregator site that uses aggressive filters to stay SFW and off internet blacklists and the filter has a number of amusing quirks, the best of which is that if you type a common six-letter epithet for black people, it replaces it with the phrase 'attractive and...
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    Russell Williams charged in 2 x murders, confinement, sexual assault.

    Welcome to the long, cold world of pre-trial detention. The Crown is obligated to put him (and everyone else being held before trial) in front of a judge on a regular basis to publicly review and reconfirm his detention. These remands will go on for many more months unless he pleads out and...
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    Do section cdrs want/need a PDA with info from their own mini-UAV?

    Sigs. They're used to it. >:D
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    Home Equity Assistance & "Military Families Pushed to Financial Ruin" (Merge)

    Posts that contain a personal attack should be summarily deleted, and the user should normally receive a warning. Personal attacks detract from the professionalism of the site and can sometimes cause serious problems for Milnet.ca as a whole. Thanks for the link, George. So claiming someone is...
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    Withdrawn criminal charges

    Were the charges withdrawn or were they stayed? The wording is v. important, because if they were stayed, the Crown reserves the right to lay them again within a certain period of time, usually a year.