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    Reserve Weekend BMQ ( merged )

    Yes. (short answer to ALL your questions) The dispersed BMQ's(weekend) can be run fall or spring depending on staffing ability of the local units.  For example 36 and 37 Combat Brigade Groups have been running theirs from late January until late March for the past few years.  The reserve BMQ's...
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    Harry and Meghan to step down as senior royals

    Advised him not to marry her or to not get married at all?  :rofl:
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    Red Seal Electrician

    I wouldn't have said anything but from what I can tell, you're doing a lot of assuming and passing misinformation.  I haven't been on a sh** ton of exercises but I've been on enough without an EGS tech in sight to know that we can survive in any environment for an undetermined amount of time...
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    Red Seal Electrician

    Lol, Couldn't help but throw that in there ;) After you commented I re-read what I wrote and realized it was rather easy to misconstrue so that's partly my bad. I dislike all the rumours that get repeated endlessly that are along the lines of "do this trade, they always deploy first", because...
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    Red Seal Electrician

    Thanks dad but I already knew that.  That's why I said outside of CANSOFCOM.  I meant all the other MOC's go as a battlegroup and the squirrels do their own thing.
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    Red Seal Electrician

    Funny, I've heard so many trades say that they are the first to be deployed.  Infantry is the first to be deployed because they need fighters.  Lineman are the first to be deployed because they need comms.  Sigs are the first to be deployed because they need comms, etc... Reality is, it's hard...
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    Red Seal Electrician

    Not sure if you got a response yet but for army and air force there's two: Electrical Distribution Tech- basically a Contruction Electrician. Electrical Generation Systems Technician.  I worked with a couple retired guys civvie side who landed jobs with Cummins and commissioned 20KW generators...
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    Medical Technician ( Med Tech )

    Roninthemedic, after reading your various posts here's my take on your situation.   As an ACP your skill set would be better used in a Field Amb unit, specifically the reserves.  I've worked with a few reservists who are civvie paramedics and they love working on the green side part time because...