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    Signaller Questions

    Thanks for the answer! No problem at all, that does make sense. The more I think about it, the weirder it seems to me of the idea that they'd be fine sending a signaller to do what infantry can do with an extra course when the trade, as it seems right now, is in a pretty critical state. I'm...
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    Signaller Questions

    That sounds sick. Sounds pretty on track with 'signal operator' all right. Thanks for ths insight! How often do you get attached as a platoon sig and in the field? I was convinced by the recruiter to go signaller instead of infantry (which was what I wanted to do originally). I generally got...
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    Signaller Questions

    Hello! I'm in the process of being enrolled next month and enrolling as a signaller. I understand the duties it entails but I'm curious as to more information. I originally considered the infantry trade (it was what I wanted to do most growing up), but switched to signaller as I was told I...
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    NCM trades – Which one should I choose?

    Hello, I'm currently looking into joining the Reserves through co-op, but I have a question. Should I go into weapons technician or join Infantry? I have an interest in firearms, in particular in how they are designed, but I love being outdoors (courtesy of my experience in Cadets.) It's time...