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    Social media in Toronto Emergency Services

    If it can be traced back to you and your employer then you really need to be careful about what you say on a public stage.  My service has had a few issues in the past with people posting inappropriate things to facebook, one resulting in a hefty suspension.  There are no private thoughts on...
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    Fire-based EMS

    The two bolded lines above are exactly the reason why fire based EMS doesn't make sense.  It is a massive waste of resources to send a pumper with 4 or 5 firefighters to a medical call, each of which are earning nearly 100k a year.  If you shift that money to EMS it's far more efficient.  For...
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    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    Hamilton fire is a mix professional/volley service, the outlying rural areas are covered by Volleys, and of course they get paged out for the same medical calls as the professional fire guys.  There have been a couple times when responding to a call that a volley with their green lights has...
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    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    I personally hate using the sirens, mostly because they're annoying to listen to.  I also don't believe it's 100% necessary for them in all situations.  As for the green lights, i've had some issues with vollies and their bloody green lights.  I've written a few up over the last couple years...
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    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    Actually as much as I hate to say it, but looking at the video it looks like the TEMS truck was at fault.  It is so easy to do what I euphemistically refer to as "code 4" stops (rolling stops), it takes a bit to break that habit.  Last summer I was T-boned while responding to a code 4 in a PRU...
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    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    Personally i wish they would enforce the 'change lanes' law.  Too often I've come close to near death because some asshat has decided to stay in the lane closeest to my ambulance while going 20 above the post limited.  Main Street in hamilton is probably the worst for this, as it's one way and...
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    Canada’s shrinking navy still valued by allies, analysts say

    Impressive, only took 17 minutes to sink. 
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    EMS Support Services van----What is it?

    Niagara I presume is using SIREN as well as a pilot project for the MOHLTC.  I believe it's almost done, but I don't really know.  Plus who knows if even if it's a success if the MOH will switch over to the new system for all their CACCs or if they'll continue to use the current one (which...
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    "Call for help botched by emergency services"

    Hamilton we have offload nurses 12 hours a day at the 3 adult hospitals.  It's costing around $750,000 a year.  It hasn't made a significant dent in our offload delay issues, which we are told are statistically the worst in the province.  On a nearly daily basis we drop down to zero trucks...
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    Ballistic Vests on Paramedics?

    i agree with mario, the moment management states they must be worn it will result in a backlash, just like when cops were forced to wear them 20+ years ago.  Personally, there are some calls where I would like to have it and many where it really wasn't necessary.  The unfortunate thing is it...
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    "Call for help botched by emergency services"

    While CCB no longer exists we still face similar problems.  We have issues with hospitals going on consideration at various points throughout the day.  Consideration basically means that they don't have enough beds available to deal with the influx of patients and that they are requesting that...
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    "Call for help botched by emergency services"

    What's up with the Star's hate-on for EMS? 
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    "Call for help botched by emergency services"

    the protocol was updated a few months ago.  The major changes are the window is now 3.5 hours, and the BGL requirement has dropped to 3 mmol/L or less. 
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    "Call for help botched by emergency services"

    10 million dollars is incredibly excessive, especially when take into account the fact that even if the medics had arrived he wouldn't have met the provincial standard for stroke bypass as there isn't a clearly defined onset of symptoms. 
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    "Emerging Fire Services Issues" AMO

    I knew this was coming, it's been their position for a long time that Fire should be running everything.  I love it, Hamilton Fire recently introduced 24 hour shifts and as a result, they now have a mandated 8 hours of rest during the shift.  They also have the ability to take themselves out of...
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    Sunshine List

    It amazes me that the top earner for Sups is able to keep the pace he keeps.  Nice guy, but my god, he rarely takes time off. As for paramedics in demand, we may be, but there are still few jobs available.  And very few services hire directly to full time. From my service only one medic made...
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    Ontario Air Ambulance (ORNGE) looking for Pilots and Tech's.

    From what i heard, Mazza (and his board) ordered the helicopters merely as a ploy to get CHC to lower their bid for the lease renewal.  It failed.  ORNGE is having some serious financial problems, so much so that they're moving their hub from Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport to Hamilton...
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    Tactical Paramedics

    Durham's not alone, Hamilton doesn't have a tactical team either.  We do have several bariatric trucks, lol
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    A little excessive....

    Is it me, or is the number of stickied threads a little much?  Just an observation.
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    "Smitherman: Firefighters should swallow EMS"

    Go figure that their response times aren't as rosy as they'd like us to believe.