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    amphibious reconnaissance clearance squadron

    Thanks Armynewsguy What i've found is that the videos load very slowly and sometimes if i'm busy I just don't have time to wait.
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    amphibious reconnaissance clearance squadron

    I was on the Canadian army website today and in the Armynews section there was a video on the new amphibious reconnaissance clearance squadron.  However, as usual the video does not load properly.  Can any of you guys tell me where I can find more information on this new squadron?  Also in part...
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    Several Taliban killed in gun battle--CNEWS

    Thats right guys, kick ass and don't even bother taking names! :threat: :cdn:
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    CH47 Chinook

    Oops my bad CDNaviator ;D
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    CH47 Chinook

    Thanks CDN Navigator.
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    CH47 Chinook

    I read on a recent thread, sorry that I can't remember which forum it was posted on, that the Government plans to replace the Griffons with the new Chinooks.  While I applaud the decision to purchase the Chinooks (long overdue), I have a concern.  If this is true, would 17 Chinooks be able to...
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    Sinking the navy

    As a non CF member this is probably one of those topics I should stay out of, but I cannot and will not remain silent.  Scrapping the Navy's auxilliary ships before replacements are available goes against all common sense.  Scrapping six Aurora aircraft is just as stupid, with the current...
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    AUS RAR Sgt Receives Star of Gallantry for Helping CAN Tps Under Fire

    Congrats Diggers and job well done! :salute:
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    Put Leopards in Afghanistan stuff HERE

    And here is my Xmas wish that the deployment of Hornets will shortly follow the deployment of Leos.  I still can't understand why no Hornets have been deployed. :cdn:
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    Put Leopards in Afghanistan stuff HERE

    That is one Beeeauutifullll tank :)
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    AWESOME CF-18 video!

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    Muslim anger follows Pope's comments

    As a Catholic I have this to say to decoy and all the others who have a problem with the Catholic Church.  While the Church committed more than its fair share of atrocities in the past at least it has moved on and admitted that using force to convert people or impose one's religion on them was...
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    active duty deployments for naval reservists

    Thanks Gus, that information was extremely helpful. :salute:
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    active duty deployments for naval reservists

    Hell0 I e-mailed this question to a navy recruiter but never got a reply, so i'm posting it here.  Can NCM's and officers (specifically MARS officers) in the navy reserve volunteer for  active duty deployments on Canadian navy frigates and destroyers?  I know its done in the Royal Navy.
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    WO Richard Nolan RCR, WO Frank Mellish RCR, Sgt Shane Stachnik 2 CER, Pte Jonathan Cushley RCR- 03 Sep 06

    You fought a good fight to make this world safer for all of us, RIP.  :salute: :cdn:
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    Cpl David Braun 2 VP (22 Aug 06)

    RIP and condolences to family and comrades-in-arms.  To the wounded, speedy recovery. :salute: :cdn:
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    Peter Worthington-- Why they are over there

    It can hardly be said any better than Mr. Worthington says it in this article. :cdn:
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    2 Canadians hurt during ambush

    Speedy recovery guys, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Edit: Keep the thread to well wishes. Commentary is for other theads.
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    CSIS firearms policy

    Thanks for the info guys, cheers!
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    CSIS firearms policy

    I was recently on the website of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.  In the FAQ's section it states that CSIS agents don't carry firearms.  Could someone enlighten me, why on earth in this age of ever more fanatical and dangerous terrorists (like those plotting to behead the PM or blow...