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    Asthma & the CF (merged thread)

    Little follow-up: I appealed the decision in May and I received another letter yesterday saying that I still do not meet the medical standard. Still, they don't say in the letter what has changed since my release of the PRes in 2015 even if I asked explicitly. Maybe, they can't share that...
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    Résultats test asthme

    Salut ! C'est bien d'avoir persévéré, good job. Je suppose qu'avec ton résultat de test tu n'es pas dutout considéré asthmatique ?  Étant dans le même processus que toi, je sais comment ça frappe de recevoir la lettre mais il faut pas lâché ! Redonne nous des nouvelles sur l'avancement ! Nick
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    Asthma & the CF (merged thread)

    I applied for Pilot and did my medical part 1 in October. Since I have inhalers because of allergies to dogs, they asked me to do some others tests. I did the Methacholine test and a pulmonary function test. My pulmonary function test went good, everything is fine. However, the Methacholine...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    EDIT: Finally, I got an answer today from the recruitment center that I'll receive an email soon since Ottawa has done processing my medical part1! Good news :)
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    Questions Médicales

    Salut, j'ai remis mon médical au centre de recrutement de Québec le 13 novembre 2017 et toujours pas de réponse aussi :( Es-tu un applicant officier entrée directe ?
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    Test force femmes

    Ton français est excellent ! Pour répondre à la question, si tu fais du crossfit et de l'haltérophilie, ne t'inquiète pas !
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    QMBO 2018

    Good job ! 1 an jour pour jour depuis ton application, coincidence ?! :p Bon cours de recrue !!
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    44 year old and out of shape :(

    Download Couch to 5k or 10k. Follow the program!
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    Aircrew Medical costs for applicants

    Back then it was true for the visual part. I applied in 2012 and 2013 as a ROTP applicant and they paid for it. Now, I'm a DEO applicant and I paid it. Do the ROTP applicant still don't pay for it ? I don't know. I think that is fair. Before, we did all the medical tests and interview before...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Just to correct myself, the computerized test that I did back then was only a part of the new one. Like other said, it was for AEC and a couple of part for pilot.
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Do our pilots sometimes fly other country jets? For example, CF-18 pilots that go on training in the USA and for some reason (like one of our plane is broken) they fly a USA F18? If that is the case and we end up with the Rafale, we lost this kind possibility except for the few countries that...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Hi! 6-7 (I'm not sure about a guy but other said that he didn't make it) out of 18 for pilot! Some got their choice for ASCO or AEC, some got none. In that 6-7, one was applying for RMC and the five others are DEO. She said to me that I got a good grade, I had three section where my mark were...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Hi! Good news! I passed all three occupations. Last time, I failed for AEC. I think that the new test was way more challenging than the old CAPSS except for the last part of the CAPSS. If you have any questions not related to the test itself (because we can't talk about it) but more related to...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Hi! I'm heading to Trenton on September 24th! Anyone else? I passed the CAPSS back in January 2012 while I was applying for a ROTP position. I need to redo the test because it expires after five years. I've somewhat already did the new computerized test because even if I've done the old test...
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    What do I wear when I arrive?

    I was in the same situation when I started my PRes BMQ. It tooks 3 weeks to get my uniform. During that time (Winter), I was wearing a polo, beige pants and clean boots. Don't worry, just be presentable.
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    Basic Up

    If you understand french, there is a new series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNCZL8xCWvY
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    Academic transcripts - Questions [MERGED]

    In the Province of Quebec, you can call at the ministry of education office to get your transcript of highschool years (last two years only, because they are what you need for college admission). I suppose that you can do the same in Ontario. By the way, my school has the same rule. They don't...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Same case with my CRFC. My file manager told me that they have not received final instruction yet. Should be in a few weeks or days
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Congrats, See you there !
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Haha tu n'as pas à te sentir vieux, moi j'ai 21 pis je recommence au complet. J'ai une dizaine de cours du cégep donc j'ai dû appliquer au Junior donc 5 ans à faire. Peut-être que je vais être bon pour me faire crédité pas mal de cours ce qui serait plaisir. Anyway sa me dérange vraiment pas de...