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    Christmas Carol Thread

    Ok... so i know its a little early, but im pretty pumped for Christmas. I figured, why not try to spread a little bit of holiday spirit, by asking you all, whats your favorite Christmas song or carol? List away my friends! -Hugo Carol of the bells
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    Canada considers purchase of used US Army Chinooks

    Cool. Thanks for the information.
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    Canada considers purchase of used US Army Chinooks

    OK... I'm no helicopter expert, and I'm just poking around for some information. I was just wondering if the chinooks are still being produced new? Second of all, i was wondering if the chinook has an armourments? I have seen a picture of a 50 caliber mounted in the back, but that was all. Thank...
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    Canadian Army music video

    You can find their home page by just googleing JTF2 :D
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    Canadian Army music video

    Yeah man that was cool. Im looking forward to seeing the whole thing when its done. Should be quite the bang at the end  ;D
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    CFAT Tomorrow

    Good nights sleep is a big one. Try not to be falling asleep on your computer screen in the morning, and providing you should be fine! Good luck Hugo Hodgett
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    BMQ OCT3rd to DEC16th <-----Who's Attending?

    Im hoping my call comes really soon... these 4 weeks have been killing me since i sent my medical to Ottowa... If i do get to go it would be to CFB Aldershot... just outside Halifax... about a 40 minute drive:D... no plane flight for me! :salute:
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    yarmouth artillery

    Waiting for word from the MED guys in Ottowa at the moment... hoping it comes back all clear and soon  :salute:
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    yarmouth artillery

    Thanks for the info... thatll be a nice break from BMQ in the middle of the week hopefully!
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    Colt Defense purchases Diemaco

    I didnt like to think of Diemaco as an American owned company, but in the end if the Triad dissapears ill be happy... so what can i say besides we shall have to sit back and wait to see what happeneds! :salute:
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    Where to buy a C-7 (AR-15...)???

    Its a movie...youd have to watch to understand :D :salute:
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    Coolest shows on tv.

    I find the daily show is always good for a laugh... Jon Stewart and his many changing faces!  :blotto:
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    American Or canadian Millitary, i could use some advice.

    More and more so haha... Atleast hes planning ahead!
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    Drivers Licence

    Thanks Delavan...apreciate that being cleared up
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    Drivers Licence

    Aparently if you take your drivers course it counts as basic driver training so you can get your liscense... or thats what the recruiter told me..
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    CADPAT Camo Tape

    Sorry for sounding like an idiot here, but what exactly do you use this tape for? -Just a curious little kid  :blotto:
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    Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

    I would love to try to get one of the video and design classes in my school to try and produce a Recruiting video... I dont know how well it would go over with the teachers, but it might be worth mentioning  :salute: :cdn:
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    When I go to the CFRC, should I call the recruiter Sir/Mr. ... or ... ?

    Its probly best to call them either Sir/ Mam... it goes over well as long as your careful what you say after that  ^-^
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    American Or canadian Millitary, i could use some advice.

    Yeah hes right... at the end of the day, make up your own mind and stay true to what you want to do... (And in the U.S. they have 5 elements :P)
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    All Things Vegetarian/Vegan (merged)

    Very good points... There is no need to spend money on developing a no meat food supplement when there are so many other things that that money could be put towards... A personal estimation would be that there would be no more than 5% of people in the forces who were vegan TOPS... In my...