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  1. twohig

    Tattoo Thread - including current policy [MERGED]

    I know of several officers with tattoos, and one in particular has several and is enjoying his rank as an artilery major.  So it all depends more on how you project yourself as a leader.  I would'nt worry about it. Ubique.
  2. twohig

    More $$ for RMC students...?

    With a little TI, you know where to look for information on what you're entitled to.  I know there are several different pay scales for the same rank and it is available on line if you know where to look.  Wookliar is right, there are 10 incentives for Ocdt on 4 different pay scales.  Incentive...
  3. twohig

    Attn: ATT58

    Dude, I've been Reg force for almost 9 years now.  I just got back from my ADATS Det Cmdr course.  Sorry so late to respond.
  4. twohig

    Armée canadienne vs US army

    e_pelletier vous avez fait ce que je suggère à tous les canadiens, visiter les autres provinces.  Je suis un francophone du Nouveau-Brunswick et je demeurs maintenant à Québec depuis 2 ans et je peux vous dire que c'est une mentalité complètement différente de c'elle des autres provinces. ...
  5. twohig

    MMEV (Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle)

    All of these posts have some very good points, a lot of serious thought put into each point.   The problem is they are speculation, I do agree with most of your points, and being an air defender and being ADATS for the past 7 years, I do see the limitations and strengths of my system.   The big...
  6. twohig

    Air Defence- 5 Years[and counting] of A.D. Thoughts

    The missiles themselves are not armoured and the vehicle does not offer that much protection, but that is ADATS, and the primary role of ADATS is Air Defence, secondary is Anti Tank System (hence ADATS) and when it was developed in the 80s the anti tank properties were more than capable.  The...
  7. twohig

    Air Defence- 5 Years[and counting] of A.D. Thoughts

    To reply to Mountie's post, there is no plan to replace our Javelin systems, something that I completely disagree with.  The ADATS or MMEV can cope with most threats, but it does have it's limitations.  A man portable system is important in getting into places that vehicles can't and to hide...
  8. twohig

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Yes but in a cut up fast and furious way.  Go Army. :salute:
  9. twohig

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    The way I understand the new directives is that the actual LFC DVR WHEELED course is no longer a recognized course, it is no more.  New recruits get an introduction to a vehicle, either LSVW or ILTIS (until they're gone) to give them a basic vehicle and then send them off to their units, and...
  10. twohig

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    George, you're absolutly right about the differences in driving vehicles.  The big reason that I see for this way of thinking is the amount of people on PAT platoons, to at least qualify them on something. The reservists that were taught on this course still had their cornflakes and after they...
  11. twohig

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    The driver wheeled course is no longer used.  Each vehicle has it's own course, and it done on a need to have bassis.  If a member already has a driver course for a vehicle, the other vehicle courses can be shortened, it becomes a conversion course. We just finished a dvr course for the...
  12. twohig

    All Things Air Defence/AA (merged)

    The Javelin system has it's uses for point defence, covering dead zones, placed in a temp kill zone, etc...  I don't necessarily agree on the reasons that it is on it's way out, but I'm just an AD gunner, what do I know. The ADATS does give off a lot of EM emissions, but to be able to "see"...
  13. twohig

    All Things Air Defence/AA (merged)

    Well you pretty much hit it on the head.  Being a Bird Gunner, our future has always been rather uncertain.  Now with the new ADATS on LAV chasis, the closeing of Javelin units and the mothballing of the 35 mm guns, we are in a constant state of change.  You're right about the only reg force air...
  14. twohig

    All Things Air Defence/AA (merged)

    The problem in answering your question is that Canadian Air Defence capabilities have not been tested in actual operation.  I can tell you that with a 80% hit percentage for first-time firers on the ADATS system is pretty impressive.  Go to the Jane's web site and they can give you a lot of info...
  15. twohig

    Electro Magnetic Rail Gun

    Pretty cool article.  I heard they were testing the idea of rail guns during the Reagan years of Star Wars, but it wasn't a viable weapon with the technology available.  They kinda went with a particle beam cannon at the time, but that also petered out.
  16. twohig

    Javelin Live Fire

    The American Army developed a new medium range anti-tank weapon that they call Javelin. Not to be confused with the Canadian anti-aircraft weapon also called Javelin.
  17. twohig

    Going on my PLQ!

    I started my PLQ last Jan - April, I had 6 years in in the Air Defence. Any more questions? :)
  18. twohig

    Air Defence- 5 Years[and counting] of A.D. Thoughts

    I may have a few answers for you. I know that they are testing the new LAV mounted ADATS system, and from the point of view of the CO for 4 AD it‘s a done deal (watch and shoot). The ADATS is also being tested with a new anti tank missile (although the regular missile is already dual role)...
  19. twohig

    The way JUNIOR--junior NCM‘s are treated

    In my experience you realy don‘t have to yell, people shut down. I had a Sgt who was easy going but when he got mad he would pull you aside and almost whisper, you coul feel the anger and in turn you would be afraid. I use that all the time, I normaly don‘t yell (exept when a whole group...
  20. twohig


    O.K., before you go by "I heard", go see your local recruiter. You can find them in the phone book under recruiting, the web site is OK but speaking to someone face to face is a good way to answer all your questions. The CF is a good place to make a carreer if you‘re up for it. The best way...