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  1. Biohazardxj

    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    Financially speaking you are better off to drink the beer.  Because after you saved it all up all that money the tax man would get half and the ex-wife would get the rest.
  2. Biohazardxj

    "Rogue One: a Star Wars story" (official trailer released for Dec. 2016 movie)

    I had tickets to see it today but the weather was too bad to drive to the theater.  There goes 20 bucks down the drain.  Guess I will try again tomorrow.  Oh and in my humble opinion, Episode IV was the best of the three.     
  3. Biohazardxj


    Quick and easy method.  2% per year completed, so in your case 50% of your current gross pay.  If you go see your release clerk, they can print of a pension forecast for you, which will be very close to actual.
  4. Biohazardxj

    200 Year Old Pub Uncovered in Manchester

    One of the perks of being a single dad is that the house is all one big "man cave".  If I want to park the Harley in the dining room for the winter I can.  LOL
  5. Biohazardxj

    Brookfield question IPR 3b move.

    I just completed my IPR move after my 3b.  The whole process was the same as a normal posting.  All my expenses were covered, real estate fees, accommodations, food, millage, etc.  Exception being, I got a 650 incidental allowance instead of a posting allowance.  Also, there was no minimum...
  6. Biohazardxj

    Military Service on your Resume

    I used the company at www.bestfootforward.co to build my resume for me.  It is a Canadian company that is familiar with the MPRR, PDR, and such.  They also offer a military discount.  They did a wonderful job with mine. 
  7. Biohazardxj

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    If only there had been a Sarlacc Pit there!  :)
  8. Biohazardxj

    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    I received the Feb/Mar portion of my LTD shortly before I received the Feb/Mar portion of my pension on 15 April.
  9. Biohazardxj

    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    Just a follow up to my previous post.  I received my back dated pension monies for the period of 15 Feb to 31 Mar today, and will start getting regular cheques at the end of April.  8 to 10 weeks to get it all squared away.  A lot better than their initial estimate.       
  10. Biohazardxj

    Short Days

    Canadian Forces Leave Policy Manual is what you are looking for.  If I am not mistaken, been a while since I looked at file numbers, I think it is 5500-1  When in doubt, ask your clerk.  That is what they are there for.
  11. Biohazardxj

    Cosplay costume, really?

    Got a laugh out of this.  Happen to stumble across a website sell cosplay outfits.  Was going through the list and saw the usual TV show costumes.  Then I saw this in the list.......... http://cosplaysky.ca/cosplay-costumes/tv-drama-costumes/canadian-air-force.html Didn't expect that.  :)
  12. Biohazardxj

    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    I sent an email yesterday to the pension folks asking how long it takes.  They got back to me today stating it would be a 3 to 4 month wait.  They need to hire more staff as this is totally unacceptable.
  13. Biohazardxj

    Travel on Special Leave

    Canadian Forces Leave Manual talks about this type of leave. Special leave prior to a course is intended for you to take care of any personal admin you may have.  (IE find a someone to feed your fish).  Though there is nothing stopping you from traveling while on special leave, you must...
  14. Biohazardxj

    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    Hi all.  Just curious if anyone knows what the current wait times are like for pension and severance pay?  Thanks.
  15. Biohazardxj

    What's your background?

    Canadian! Born and raised. Just like my parents and my grand parents.  Go back far enough and I was a fish.
  16. Biohazardxj

    What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

    That naked tourists on a mountain can cause an earthquake................
  17. Biohazardxj

    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    If something is brought up on your PER that you feel is inaccurate and it has never been mentioned on a PDR or brought to your attention in an formal or informal manner then yes, you do have grounds to question it.  You may want to try and resolve it and the lowest lever first, such as a chat...
  18. Biohazardxj

    Pay Issues, split from Re: Just finished reserve infantry DP1, now what?-survival guide

    It is also dependent on whether or not your OR entered the your pay sheets into RPSR in time for the end month pay, which if memory servers, is around the 20th.
  19. Biohazardxj

    All Memo Templates: (AVOTP, ED&T, File Number, OJT, OT, Release, Retention)

    Go to your unit Orderly Room.  Tell the clerk you wish to release.  The clerk will know the rules for your particular unit and will direct you accordingly.  A memo may or may not be required but there will be several forms that will need to be completed and signed by you and others before the CO...
  20. Biohazardxj

    Min distance from home for authorization of hotel

    Typically you are authorized commercial accommodations or you are not while on TD.  Distance does not really play a part.  Even in a scenario where you requested a PMV waiver to go on a TD you would not be entitled to commercial accommodations during the journey so distance from home would not...