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  1. hotei

    Communicator Research Operator Salary

    I know this is a pretty old topic, but I think the info is very valuable. Regardless of what the trade page says, reference this page: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/caf-community-pay/ncm-class-a-b-service-rates.page
  2. hotei

    All things Joint Sigs Regt/JSR (merged)

    And if you don't have DWAN access, you can try here on the normal Internet:http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/en/cfb-kingston/index.page
  3. hotei

    Comm Research

    I think an easier and better professional development stance is: if you have the opportunity to learn (especially if it is free) take it and run. Perhaps you don't use 9/10th of the EW manuals... It still means you have a grasp that exceeds the standard and are on your way to mastering the standard!
  4. hotei

    Comms Research Trg schedule and pers prep?

    For math -- do not worry. They (the Internet and the CAF generally) make the math pack out to be a challenge. I was terrible in math, and did not take grade 12 math and passed with flying colors with only minimal studying. As for "what to study," honestly, I wouldn't worry too much. The courses...
  5. hotei

    Searching for a CANARMYGEN

    Hey All -- Unfortunately I do not have access to the DWAN presently, however I am trying to locate the CANARMYGEN from 06/07 regarding an order to not mark call signs on vehicles. I know this is bizarre, but I have been asked by higher if I could try and find it (as he can't, and neither of us...
  6. hotei

    Kingston thread - merged

    Check the Homestead apartments on Ontario. Caravel is reasonable (64 Ontario)
  7. hotei

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    If I recall correctly, it is 31 May that is the last day for the messages to be cut (or the last weekday, obviously).
  8. hotei

    Improved Combat Uniform

    No, I am sure Capt Lanouette has done extensive interviews... with people who have never been in the field. Sometimes I think we forget all of these "good ideas" are supposed to support the guys in the front line, not the fashion show that is NDHQ. Also, the new flag... Can it get any bigger?
  9. hotei

    Comm Research

    I will say, again my information is out of date, however your current clearance will not necessarily help. I have known at least two people with TS clearance who waited 2+ years for a clearance. Keep in mind, that was during the heir of the Afghan Mission, and thus clearances were back logged...
  10. hotei

    Study: 'U.S. Army officers lie' routinely

    According to the Maple Leaf the CAF is establishing a committee to reduce red tape....  :facepalm:
  11. hotei

    64 pattern Rucksack frame

    I have a frame with CADPAT bag if you are interested.
  12. hotei

    What would you do?

    2 ASG Det Kingston as well. As to the needing to DAG green to have a posting message cut, I have very recently seen that is not always the case. Mbr had dagger red for nearly 2 years and was posted from CFSCE to JSR.
  13. hotei

    Russia's Arctic Militarization (merged)

    That is actually the Russian Naval Ensign. The Scottish flag is the inverse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Navy_Ensign
  14. hotei

    Lease Liability for Ontario IRP

    Well, this is a topic I am intimately familiar with. First, the lease liability is "unlimited." I say this after having had to break two leases in three years. One had three months remaining, the other had 7 months remaining. Brookfield, doing their due diligence, will advise you to speak with...
  15. hotei

    What would you do?

    My information is about a year and a half out of date but CFNOC did not have too many ACISS IST billets. I remember us having several ATIS billets, but less so for Army. From what I remember there were only about 4. Leitrim on the other hand I believe has several more. Also, if you are...
  16. hotei

    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    Haggis, Could you point to the ref that specifies 4%? I seem to recall doing some digging quite a while back and it had it listed as 0.5%.
  17. hotei

    Comm Research

    While there is no direct officer trade ( compare an infantryman with an INF O, an ARMD crewman with an ARMD O) Comm Rsch doesn't have a direct compliment. That being said, SIGS O and CELE O figure highly. There is also a lot of civilian interaction
  18. hotei

    Comm Research

    Alright, I will preface this with the note that my info is out of date. That being said, I still have friends at the school, so I think my info is somewhat current. Upon completion of your BMQ, AND BMQ-L you will be put on PAT (pers awaiting trg). From here, you will be loaded on taskings...
  19. hotei

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    According to the Kingston PSO's office is there have been a record number of applications to the UTP programme. They even suspended VOT-U because of it (at least according to them).
  20. hotei

    Back Pay

    George Wallace -- seriously I feel as though this is malice for the sake of it. He was asking a legitimate question.