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    Peter O'Toole dies aged 81

    I did a leadership paper on Lawrence. Fascinating period of the war and that region.  If you enjoyed the movie, take the time to dig deeper.
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    A mistake?

    Congrats!!  Well done to you. The CAF always has opportunities for hard workers like you. Continue to excel in all you do and be a leader. Take care of your family and shipmates. Good things will happen. Just think long term.
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    What Foreign port is or would be the most interesting to visit.

    Goose Bay, Labrador. Was there for three years and it was very foreign ....
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    How hard is it to be assigned to a specific base?

    Good luck and hope everything work out.
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    How hard is it to be assigned to a specific base?

    Sometimes they hire civ as there are not enough uniforms. Just because you are in uniform and Wpg has a hole does not mean you are going there. There is a plan for you. WRT not sure what to do, you always need a plan B. Are you saying the if you do not get Wpg you will get out?  I am not sure...
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    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    I believe it to be old school courtesy to salute a woman of acquaintance. I have saluted my aunt, the church ladies, etc.  I have no reference other than I believe it to be proper, polite, and akin to the good old days when respect was shown to such women. But hey, I still pull out the chair for...
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    Newfie Lane

    Was probably from Dildo or Come By Chance and was trying to block bad Newfoundland town names out of her mind.
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    How I Got My Team To Fail More

    When i was a very young Capt, my CWO sat me down and said "you know the clerks are going to make mistakes, right?"  His point being that mistakes will happen as that is how the clerks learn and grow. More importantly, mistakes had to happen as life is not perfect. He needed to make sure I...
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    Platoon / Troop "Must have" list

    I still actually carry a deck of cards with me (never needs batteries). Issue handkerchief has many uses, as does some TP in a ziplock and ear plugs. And a knife.
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    Borden Thread- Merged

    I agree. Insert most any base location into your comment. Not a BComd failure as much as a tremendous funding shortfall. The is simply no money. At my last base I could not even take care of all the mandated/compliance issues that "send you to jail" let alone make general improvements. It makes...
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    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Not only is Gander expensive, the reality is you see empty shelves in the grocery store, especially when the ferry is tied up. So we can debate the price of chicken or milk, but it has to be avail for purchase to have that debate.  And don't own a VW as there is no dealer so you will drive 3.5...
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    I am going to assume that all was in good faith and it was failures of bureaucracy that created this problem. I am also going to assume that many people are now looking at you and saying "gee, that's too bad".  I have seen screw ups put right when the right people get involved. E.g. When your...
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    A minor question about the rules surrounding timings.

    That would be 15ish minutes early for an e.g. 0800ish meeting.  That's we never charge people - hard to nail down definite timings.
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    Strong. Proud. Ready?

    I stay out of politics. My knowledge of our military and political history concludes that there is never enough money, etc to make a military what we (CAF mbrs) want it to be. We have long term needs and a short term public/political leadership. I have read this article many times in the past...
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    A minor question about the rules surrounding timings.

    Life became easier when I realized I was never late when I arrived with the boss.  The down side was I had to be with the boss.... I agree with the wisdom already provided - I always arrive early. It gives me time to find the new meeting room no one told me about; or to chat with folks prior...
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    23-yr-old burglar BEATEN DOWN after threatening 72-yr-old UK Army veteran

    Love a good pensioner story. He will not have to buy a pint in his local for months!!  Well done.
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    16% of Toronto homeless served in Canadian military

    My knee jerk thought was some sort of mental health correlation (would obviously need to be studied), but a second thought is the CAF is rules based and living rough is freedom. Could it be a choice??  Lord knows we are used to some periodic discomfort. That said, spending e.g. A year in the CAF...
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    Are personal circumstances taken in to consideration when being assigned a base?

    Nice suggestion. I will add on CIC as the Cadet program is nothing without leaders/volunteers. Shaping the lives of future leaders is invaluable.
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    Are personal circumstances taken in to consideration when being assigned a base?

    From a slightly different perspective:  as a leader and supervisor, it is my responsibility to develop those under me. I find it frustrating giving this 100% when an individual does not want to move, go on courses, or has issues tying him/her to a specific location. Wanting to stay near a...
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    Least appealing aspects

    I am thinking that having to go through your career with a handle such as "Viper" or "Nervous Nelly" or "Wank".  I have never yet met an "Ice Man".  ;)