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  1. BrianWL

    Commander of 8 Wing Trenton arrested, charged in hunting incident

    either way. we've all done stupid shit - shitfaced or not. sometimes caught. and sometimes got away with it as a life lesson......
  2. BrianWL

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    want to back that observation up with some cases. courts are extremely lenient these days....cop or not.
  3. BrianWL

    Canada needs a climate-emergency response team

    have to agree. if the CAF spends the cash. provincial politicians will not feel they have to free up the funds. its the Canadian way.
  4. BrianWL

    Infantry training in Air Force

    actually the Specials did go to RCMP Depot - on a shorter duration course than the regular member 6 month program. can't recall what the executive/diplomatic security S/Constables did, I think maybe.......3 months. Native Specials had something between 6 and 3 months. they binned both by...
  5. BrianWL

    9 Aug - National Peacekeepers’ Day

    and a couple coppers too in Haiti. if earthquakes killing you on deployment counts......
  6. BrianWL

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    and it existed quite well, like a little piece of Canada
  7. BrianWL

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    and this is something the mainstream media ignore. we do "well being" checks and mental health apprehensions and criminal arrests 24/7/365. out of all of these thousands of contacts, were going to hurt or kill people. thats the cost of doing business and in Canada, almost never happens...
  8. BrianWL

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    completely agree its the Canadian way. Fed by no direct threats since 1812.
  9. BrianWL

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    you realize there roughly 70,000 cops in this country and a TINY number of them - despite being regular people and despite being on active operations every single day of their careers - get in shit for either illegal professional or criminal conduct. second. you are correct firing em is a...
  10. BrianWL

    OP PROJECTION - Asia Pacific region monitoring

    2/5ths of the pacific frigates and all of our replenishment vessels. what a sad state of affairs for a once significant naval country. thanks to our sailors for doing the do, despite the country giving nearly zero fucks about our place in the world.
  11. BrianWL

    Soldier Operational Clothing and Equipment Modernization

    baha. any theories on this perpetual circle back?
  12. BrianWL

    New Crown

    there you go. stick with the Tudor and skip the cost of switching up all the cap badges and such. bad call by HM in my opinion. not a good way to try to stay modest and relevant with the public who are steadily becoming tired of the monarchy. good news would be don't have to change up cap...
  13. BrianWL

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    nothing in NATO politics is self evident. and the closer to Ivan you are, the more motivated you are to spend at or above 2.
  14. BrianWL

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    most complex part is the tweeter/whistelblower would not make a complaint through her own agency or an external organization. from what Ive read any way. that's why theyre tossing her. she made wide spread allegations but did not bring anything to be investigated. now I suppose her...
  15. BrianWL

    New Crown

    ya thats reasonable. ie) you were on the ground for it, other wise. fagataboudid. here's your coin if you request it to add to your box of coins...
  16. BrianWL

    New Crown

    oh brother. the whole commemorative gong thing is so problematic, its IMO - not worth the bother. hand out coins for those who would like to remember the event. not decorations.
  17. BrianWL

    Updating RCMP ‘militaristic’ training is long overdue, experts say

    there are dry fit uniform shirts available, quite nice in summer/armour season. SWAT types have similar outside the wire shirts as well. there are some good options out there!
  18. BrianWL

    Updating RCMP ‘militaristic’ training is long overdue, experts say

    funny part was. in 70's 80's, there were practically no "Warrant Officers" minus the Depot SM and the HQ Corps SM. Seemed like the ceremonial continued in the hands of the lower end NCO's