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  1. chauch2001

    Attention ... Canada Border Services/ Reserve Force members

    CBSA has recently changes its policy for allowing paid military leave for reserve force training.  I am filing a grievance over the issue and require a list of all CF members that have taken this leave from CBSA or ever think they would. Please contact me at buckley8@telus.net as this may...
  2. chauch2001

    Former service doesn't count?

    SO here is my story.  The questions come at the end.  I am specifically looking for Admin advice not recruiting. I was in the regluar force Navy from 16April1991 until end of second BE on 17August1997. Rank on leaving is Leading Seaman pay level 4. I was recruited for CIC 7Jan2001.  Rank on...
  3. chauch2001

    Ontario Primary Care Paramedic joining the reserves

    I am a BC PCP with BC ambulance.  I joined as a medic in Dec04.  Due to other restrictions with my civie job I am now going on my TQ'3 course this summer.  A major portion has been written off and I am only attending 2.5 weeks out of the course.  That, I am told will give me the basic quals to...
  4. chauch2001

    Public Service leave with/without pay for trades training

    The answer is that I am entitled to draw my civil pay for the TQ'3.  Ottawa has returned my memo with an answer that your 3's are just your basic qualifycation course and does not prohibit me from taking civil pay under the NDA.  I have the email if anyone searches this later and needs it...
  5. chauch2001

    Public Service leave with/without pay for trades training

    I understand that I don't get paid twice for one days work.  It would be wrong to try. My question has anyone ever been paid by the PS to go on a TQ course?  As of right now an admin clerk has designated this as it must be unpaid and I would like to know if the decision is the right one?
  6. chauch2001

    Public Service leave with/without pay for trades training

    I am a primary reserve medic and have been course loaded on my TQ3's in June.  I had origionally asked for paid leave from my Public Service Employer which was given.  During conversations with my OR the MCpl determined that the TQ3 is defined under clause (vi) of the N.D.A., which is copied...