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  1. CTulipano

    Fallen Comrades (retired members)

    Was flipping through the local paper today which is something I never do and came across a death notice for Larry Nelson. I ran into him in Carleton Place about 2 years ago and he was looking well then but aparently he passed away on 18 April. Here's the link to the obituary for those that knew...
  2. CTulipano

    Warick Mckenzie 1RCR early 90's

    Hey folks, sitting here with Paul Schutt drinking some beers and enjoying the sun. Wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of a guy name Warick Mc or MacKenzie served with us in 1RCR back early 90's. Cyprus and Gulf War he got out 97 or so probably retired to BC.    Thanks folks Chris
  3. CTulipano

    Shane Kyle whereabouts??

    Update on Shane. Retired from CF, look on Facebook if you want I chat with him there occasionally still.
  4. CTulipano

    Looking for Chris Charon

    Unless she's killed him in the last 3 months they're still married  ^-^
  5. CTulipano

    Looking for Chris Charon

    Chris Charron is still in Meaford
  6. CTulipano

    Shane Kyle whereabouts??

    1 RCR Petawawa most likely. If not there then 90% sure he's somewhere in Pet still.
  7. CTulipano

    UNPROFOR Roto 5 - Oct 94 - Apr 95 - 1RCR

    Well with Phil driving there'd probably be sparks flying whether it was shot up or not so you'd have to be more specific..
  8. CTulipano

    UNPROFOR Roto 5 - Oct 94 - Apr 95 - 1RCR

    The guy to talk to about this stuff is MCpl (ret) Rob Taylor. He was the Bn Photographer for that roto and put the roto scrapbook together. I'm sure he still has a ton of photo's and just about anything you'd be interested in. I'll send him an email with the link to this topic and you two can...
  9. CTulipano

    Looking for Paul Schutt 1RCR Charles Coy 1990s

    I know Paul, was best man at his wedding...and yes Prince Philip politely declined the invite. I do have his # around the house somewhere PM me with your name and contact info and I'll try and relay it to him when I find his number. C Tulipano Sgt