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  1. CF_Enthusiast

    School Girls Have Acid Thrown On Them- Do Some Still Doubt Why We Are There?

    I hope you are not serious. It does not matter how badly they have acted, we must maintain our dignity and our honour through upholding what is truly "Canadian". We cannot bring change to a country if we resort to using the same types of methods used before the intervention. If we lower...
  2. CF_Enthusiast

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    I think I've played this videogame before...    :blotto:
  3. CF_Enthusiast

    Berkeley wants Marines out.

    You'd think people who claimed to be anti-war would support a quick-reaction military and peace-keeping force like the USMC. ::)
  4. CF_Enthusiast

    6 Helos from the US?

    Okay I'm just a kid and I don't know much about this so don't flip on me for this but doesn't 6 seem a little bit stingy? Couldn't they lend us more? Should they lend us more? Should they have lent us less? Is 6 enough to be effective? If not how many would be enough? Thanks
  5. CF_Enthusiast

    Italian soldier killed in Afghanistan

    RIP Soldier, your duty is done.  :salute: OMFG! Doesn't this guy have anything better to do? He reminds me of those lawyers who chase ambulances. Surely he could be doing something right now that could (atleast hypothetically) benefit this country, you know, the one he is a politician for...
  6. CF_Enthusiast

    Petition to Canada Post for a Support Our Troops Stamp

    The last stamp you have pictured there has US Marines on it, not Canadians. Petition signed none the less. :)
  7. CF_Enthusiast

    Poll on CTV *dot* ca about the LAV-3

    Next Poll: 5 children in the last ten years have been injured from bicycle helmet related problems. Should Canada ban the use of all bicycle helmets for kids? Yes: 61% No: 39% Please note that 61% of people surveyed did not have kids and were unfamiliar with what bicycles were. ::)
  8. CF_Enthusiast

    The Manley Panel on Afghanistan

    Off-topic much?
  9. CF_Enthusiast

    "Billions for Housing, Not for Weapons" Protest, 11 Oct 07, Ottawa

    From the homes they supposedly don't own.  ;)
  10. CF_Enthusiast

    UVIC threads on Recruiting, Protests & Students against War

    That's the kind of thing that annoys me, un-informed people getting air-time (or paper time?) They make the CF look bad for something that is not true. People could be reading that, and not have a very thorough understanding of the mission and think, "we're doing illegal things? I didn't know...
  11. CF_Enthusiast

    CAF at the CNE 2002 to present

    I went but it was hard to tell how many people showed up. It was alot though. Peter Mackay, Rick Hillier, Jody Mitic, Don Cherry, Mel Lastman, and a bunch of other people were there. Jacko wasn't.
  12. CF_Enthusiast

    CAF at the CNE 2002 to present

    So there's going to be a Red Friday rally today at the CNE. 10,000+ people suspected to show up including Peter Mackay and Gen. Hillier. Anybody going?
  13. CF_Enthusiast

    MWO Mario Mercier R22e and MCpl Christian Duchesne 5 Fd Amb - 22 Aug 2007

    CBC newsworld is now showing a "balanced opinion" from the people of Quebec on the AStan mission. It's just a bunch of people saying that "It's too bad are soldiers are dying for nothing."  >:(
  14. CF_Enthusiast

    Enough- [A Must Read on Our Success in Afghanistan]

    Some other things I always hear are "We are only there for oil!" and "Opium is not that important to us!". If these half-assed arguments could be countered aswell then I think this would be great to send to newspapers and other media outlets.
  15. CF_Enthusiast

    CAF at the CNE 2002 to present

    Will this display be open for the entire time the CNE is running or is it just for a few days?
  16. CF_Enthusiast

    POLL: How has Prime Minister Harper's government performed?

    Better than expected      928  31% As expected      793  27% Worse than expected      1185  40%
  17. CF_Enthusiast

    O'Connor Poll on CFRA

    Yes, O'Connor has stumbled on too many issues, particularly the controversy over Canada's handover of Taliban detainees to Afghanistan's secret police. 36.4% No, O'Connor knows his portfolio very well and has done a great job rebuilding the Canadian Armed Forces 61.5% Other 1.79%...