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  1. PhilB

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Sorry what? We don’t have to blouse out boots in garrison anymore? I have basically been a civvy since 2019 going to medical school
  2. PhilB

    Mountain Warfare - Medical Officer

    I am currently in the MMTP program and am prior service infantry, followed by CANSOF. I also have several of the courses you are inquiring about (from my prior service). I would say that there is little need (in how MO’s are currently employed within the CAF) for these courses. As others...
  3. PhilB

    For Sale - Patagonia M10 Jacket ($175+ship)

    Hey guys, Up for sale is an almost new Patagonia M10 jacket. Size is Med and condition is near new. This jacket has been used only a handful of times and has no rips, tears, or abrasions. For those not familiar with the M10 it is Patagonia's top of the line hard shell. Made of 3 layers of...
  4. PhilB

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    thanks for the quick reply. So what your saying is that regardless of whether I received the gratuity, as long as my service is unbroken, all of my reserve time can and should be counted towards my severance calculation?
  5. PhilB

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    How does this work if you received the reserve retirement gratuity? I transfered from the res to the reg 1.5 years ago. Unbroken service with 11 years in the res. I didnt "elect" anything at the time of my release from the res but subsequently received a retirement gratuity cheque. I am pretty...
  6. PhilB

    Vibram five fingers Bikila

    Brand new in box Vibram five fingers Bikila Mens Size 40 for sale. They are green and grey in colour and have never been used, only tried on once. I purchased these and realized that they did not fit. My loss your gain. These shoes are $100 plus shipping direct from the Vibram website. Get them...
  7. PhilB

    HUGE post deployment sale- SOE, Eagle, EGL, TT & more! Get your kit for tour!

    Hey man, you will not be dissapointed! I was in the same boat as you on 1-08, considering a snugpak/wiggys and have been completely happy with the MEC bag. Good luck with your deployment.
  8. PhilB

    HUGE post deployment sale- SOE, Eagle, EGL, TT & more! Get your kit for tour!

    Hey man, Thats what I thought about the price originally, but the quality is definitely there. In terms of the temperature rating, it is somewhat subjective, as each person is comfortable sleeping at different temps. For myself the bag was perfect all summer and into the fall. In fact I use it...
  9. PhilB

    HUGE post deployment sale- SOE, Eagle, EGL, TT & more! Get your kit for tour!

    Hey man, unfortunately I dont have one. The reason being I am still using it. I would HIGHLY recommend this sleeping bag from MEC: http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441775525&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302865701&bmUID=1269409061035 I bought it prior to...
  10. PhilB

    Afghan Medals Process (merged)

    Hey guys, So quick question re: the rotation bars for the SWASM. So I spent about 270 days consecutively under OEF, thus I currently have a SWASM with Afghanistan bar. Under the new system I understand that I am entitled to a "1 maple leaf" rotation bar. My question is do I wear just the tour...
  11. PhilB

    The Going To Esquimalt Thread- PAT, PMQ, Etc.- Merged

    Hi guys, Thanks very much for the info thus far. I spoke with CFHA and as CFB Esquimalt PMQ's are already oversubscribed I, as a single member, cannot rent one as I could in say, WATC. I am wondering now, if anyone has info on single quarters on base, perhaps a point of contact? Thanks again...
  12. PhilB

    The Going To Esquimalt Thread- PAT, PMQ, Etc.- Merged

    Hi all, I know this is a really old thread but I thought it would be better to resurrect it than start a new one. I recently applied for a CL B posn with the Injured Personnel Support Center, out of Esquimalt. The position, if I get it (I was the only applicant so fingers crossed) would start...
  13. PhilB

    "A U.S. think tank takes a hard look at our war effort"

    I agree with much of what the report says. I dont however see how the CBC article is getting some of their conclusions from this paper. Biggest set back of the war? I dont think so. It was common knowledge, at least in the Panjwaii COP's in 2008 that what we were doing was not working, and that...
  14. PhilB

    WANTED - RM Equipment M203grip

    Hey man, Cant help you on getting one but I was looking into this before going on 1-08 as an M203 gunner. I know a couple guys that used them overseas and they all ended up binning it. I guess the grip makes shooting difficult as it sits to low as a result of the spaced on the Canadian M203. I...
  15. PhilB

    Rails with M203?

    Hey man, I can confirm that both the Knights M5 RAS and the MI rails work with the M203. Other posters are correct in saying that the plastic "hand guard" portion of the M203 needs to be removed. This plastic part is just held on by a couple screws and is easily removed. The M203 has no...
  16. PhilB

    Tac Vest does not make the grade.

    almost 200 hundred dollars for a base rig? That is pretty hard to swallow. :-X
  17. PhilB

    Canadian Combat Action Badge - Now A Dead Idea (Merged Threads)

    Im not talking about a warrior badge, nor am I talking about a badge that is open to other trades, only within the infantry. Our uniforms already set trades apart (i.e. the sash) I dont think an infantry specific badge that recognizes combat experience will increase animosity between trades. It...
  18. PhilB

    Canadian Combat Action Badge - Now A Dead Idea (Merged Threads)

    I understand why this was scrapped, it makes sense to a certain degree. I understand that there is dissent, but I think it is a little bit of a stretch to intimate that many troops were against this. A lot of troops I have talked to, to be totally frank many of whom would have received the...
  19. PhilB

    CF Issue Satellite Phones?

    Hi Matt, Here is the phone that my company had on 1-08 http://www.iridium.com/products/product.php?linx=0001
  20. PhilB

    Information on C9 Foregrips

    Another option, not sure how well it would work would be to bolt on a small rail like this (a rail such as this comes with the new Cadex vert grip)