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  1. charlesm

    New to CAF (Infantry Officer)

    Jameson, PM me if you want. I have been with the BC Government for 22 Years and with the Reserves for 32. I am also very familiar with the CSCOTR. Thanks
  2. charlesm

    Influence activities

    PM me and let me know which unit you are in, and I can let you know who in your unit the IA rep might be. Any courses or tasking must go through your CoC.
  3. charlesm

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    Shared with normal rules link removed as per site protocols ( https://army.ca/forums/threads/99046.0.html ) Defence Watch often receives complaints from retired Canadian Forces personnel about the delays they face in receiving their pensions. Michael Prendergast falls in this category but has...
  4. charlesm

    Supreme Court on constitutionality of NDA 130

    With copyright legal notices http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/supreme-court-upholds-constitutionality-of-military-justice-system/article27358762/ The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the constitutionality of the military justice system. The court on Thursday dismissed four...
  5. charlesm

    Military Discounts List

    I have just tried it on a Nissan 2015 Frontier Crew Cab. It was worth about $1250 off of MSRP on a $36000 purchase with 0% financing. I would have got $3750 additional off if I paid cash. A little better than being a Costco member with Ford. I did not use the offer.
  6. charlesm

    Canada's New Defence Minister

    Copyright Laws: Articles by this reporter will not be published here, as per Site guidelines. Loachman This must be the fastest someone has been released from 39 CBG. Never have I seen it done in less than 4 months before.
  7. charlesm

    Military Discounts List

    Has anyone used the Nissan discount with the CF One Card. I am interested in getting a new vehicle and wondered what experiences other people have had with this program. Thanks
  8. charlesm

    Introducing BattlePro for Android

    Mike,   I really like the APP. Is there a way to purchase all of the added features without having to pay $.99 each time. Can I buy a fully outfitted package? Thanks
  9. charlesm

    Federal Public Service Compensation & Benefits

    The BC Government did this a few years ago. Everyone thought the sky was falling. They did take 1 year for the adjustment, they also allowed vacation, CTO, and archived vacation to be used to pay for this. Our difference is that we only had to do a week. Became a nothing event.
  10. charlesm

    Government to go to common IT systems across all departments

    In the BC Provincal Government we started down the Road of Shared Services 8 years ago. On the IT side we have outsourced PC Support Server Support and are just about to outsource network support. Each one to a different vendor. The government does not want to be in the IT Business. I can bet...
  11. charlesm

    Army Reserve taking the budget hit? - National Post

    I think one of the big issues with the reserves is that they are considered discretionary budget. Which means it is one of a few budgets that DND can cut. IE DND has been told to reduce budget by 5%, but it is not laying off Soldiers/sailors or airmen. Thereby other budgets have to make up for...
  12. charlesm

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    Finally got my pension buyback sorted out. Always check what they send you as I did find discrepancies. RPSR is also not perfect. It will cost me $18K and change for 22.4 years of Class "A" Service. My Interest from August 2007 till now was $7192. My payment at $5 per month was $310...
  13. charlesm

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    I just got my pension information in. To buyback 1411.50 days. This will cost me $18,496.92. My Estimated Value that I had for this was $12,800.00. Compounded interest is a bitch! I joined in Oct 1984I was Class "A" for all the buyback time except for some Class "B" Courses. I have 3...
  14. charlesm

    Surrey: Canadian military says no to 'Sikh cadet corps'

    Is this really and different than this cadet corp in Duncan 2924 (Khowutzun) “LG’s Own” Royal Canadian Army Cadets - Aboriginal Cadet Corp Facts: • Outdoor adventure • Once a week meeting • Earn school credits • Learn educational and fun activities • Potential to travel abroad • Learn new life...
  15. charlesm

    Class A reservists that need help

    The best I can say is get the CoC involved. There are more programs than you expect plus you can get discomp pay as well. Both take a lot of work usually by the Adjt, but well worth the effort. Things in the CF tend to work better if you have your CoC support then if you try it on your own...
  16. charlesm

    Dieppe merged thread (70th Anniversary, historical debates, etc.)

    I was in Dieppe 3 weeks ago and the town had lots of information on Operation Jubliee. They had kiosks setup where each unit came ashore with a story about each unit. Had a lot of canadian flags flying. It was very nice to see. But when you are on the beaches lookinng at the town and you see...
  17. charlesm

    No jobs in the army, need advice.

    Mike,   I don't know who is telling you that the Canadian Scottish Reiment isn't recruiting. I know for a fact that we are still recruiting, in all 3 locations on Vancouver Island. PM - If you want more information. I can also get you to talk to the right people.
  18. charlesm

    PMV and Travel Limits While on TD

    My recommendation would be that a Class "B" start on a Friday if the report date is a Monday, normally it would be Saturday would be the travel day anyway. Then you have the ability to travel 1500 km when you include the weekend, before you have to travel on your own dime as a reservist...
  19. charlesm

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    For us reservists, I guess it may be a good thing that the pension office has taken so long to not even calculate our buyback part of our pensions. Now I can get my RFRG put it into and RRSP and then use it to buyback my pension!! This almost seems that it was planned!!
  20. charlesm

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    Also PLQ has changed even more than that. You will do a two week DL First, either as  5 weekends  or as a two week course. This can be done from your home or at your unit. The you normally will  do a two residency at the location where you will be doing your mod 6 just before the mod 6. Also...