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  1. enfield

    Syria Superthread [merged]

    First, US (or Western, or European) foreign policy and security policy cannot be held hostage to notions of Syrian or Iranian public opinion.  Second, Syrian media is no doubt working very hard to maintain the idea of Evil American Imperialist Crusader, no matter what the US actually does.  On...
  2. enfield

    Syria Superthread [merged]

    1- Foreign fighters have been flowing through Syria into Iraq for five years, causing massive destruction and loss of life, with the knowledge and complicity of the Syrian regime.  Syrian leadership believes it has a vested interest in maintaing the Iraqi insurgency and ensuring chaos, just as...
  3. enfield

    Syria Superthread [merged]

    Ok, it's a quiet night - I'll bite. 1- According to Western and international legal tradition, national sovereignty and territory integrity are not absolute. There are many cases when outside powers and organizations are expected to intervene, with military force, inside a sovereign nation. ...
  4. enfield

    MCpl. Josh Roberts - 2 PPCLI - Sat. Aug. 9 2008

    I served with Josh in Bosnia - great section 2i/c, and an honour to serve with.  RIP MCpl. 
  5. enfield


    The numbers from the CBC story: 2003    86,937  Regular Force members 2004    90,772  2005    91,285  2006    96,318 2007    87,000  According to the DND website (http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/about/index_e.asp) the military currently has 62,000 Regular members and 25,000 Reservists...
  6. enfield

    The Pakistani Border Safe Area Puzzle

    I think, Infanteer, there are more options than that and levels 2-9 are good possibilities. What is key is not the level of violence, but what happens afterwards - what we're willing to expend to control and administer what we win, whether that be territory, a city, or a tribe who's leadership...
  7. enfield

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Probably an accurate assessment. I believe the Canadian psyche views overseas military missions in much the same way as development aid, emergency assistance, and whatnot - a nice luxury that we can provide, sometimes, out of the goodness of our hearts. To Canadian society, military missions...
  8. enfield

    Wire Svc: NATO Leasing 20+ Choppers for AFG

    So it's ok to hire Russian mercenary pilots and choppers, but not ok to use US/UK private security firms?
  9. enfield

    8 Apr 07 - Sgt Donald Lucas, Cpl Brent Poland, Cpl Aaron Williams, Cpl Chris Stannix (PLF), Pte Kevin Kennedy, Pte David Greenslade - 2 RCR

    I knew Chris Stannix as well - great guy, fantastic soldier. I saw him just before he went over - he was full of plans for the future and excitement for the mission. A very sad day. RIP
  10. enfield

    Canada needs a Peace Corps

    I'm not sure why everyone is holding the Peace Corps up as something amazing- I've spent a fair bit of time with them in Africa, and they were pretty much useless. They were like any other group of young western people in a warm sunny place - full of good intentions, but also with money that...
  11. enfield

    "Combat Days" in WW1 and 2 vs. today

    In my post I was focusing on the concept that WW1/2 soldiers spent "years" fighting, and that this historical example of soldiers withstanding stress for very long periods of time could be used to justify keeping modern soldiers on back to back tours. I won't pretend to know how stresses add up...
  12. enfield

    Canada eyeing reservists to bolster force in Afghanistan

    There are two different issues here, and I’ll try to clarify them: 1) Reservists are not as well trained and experienced as the Regular Force, simply because of part vs full time. At the Pte/Cpl level this can be rectified relatively quickly and easily, and Reserve NCM's brought up to speed. At...
  13. enfield

    "Combat Days" in WW1 and 2 vs. today

    I'm posting this here as a reply to a tangent that developed in this thread: http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/58084.60.html. The Mods may want to clean this up, but I wanted to seperate the replies. I don’t have anything handy for other armies or WW2, but I will note I said “Allied”...
  14. enfield

    Canada eyeing reservists to bolster force in Afghanistan

    This could mean a few things... One, don't always trust CFRC on questions regarding Reserve recruiting - go to the unit itself, thats why each Regiment pays its own recruiter. Second, until April 1, CF Recruiting Group has put a hold on the processing of Reserve applications: The Res F is close...
  15. enfield

    LGEN Leslie: Troops, helicopters, tanks needed

    15 LCols - and their attached RSMs, Adjutants, and (small) staffs - make up a decent sum of money when compared to the annual budgets of most reserve units. My former unit, this training year, averaged 1 full platoon on the weekend Ex's (another platoon worth are in A'Stan). To support that 1...
  16. enfield

    Canada eyeing reservists to bolster force in Afghanistan

    Recruiting is always constrained by the capacity of the training system that they are being fed into. Numbers very greatly. Infantry units can recruit 30-100 people a year. Most Combat Arms units can recruit and train in large numbers - there are more courses and instructors. Specialties have...
  17. enfield

    Canada eyeing reservists to bolster force in Afghanistan

    I'm not entirely sure what the CLS means by this. It sounds good, and makes a good headline - but as far as I can tell just about every deployable reservist is, has, or will head to Afghanistan. As far as I can see, from my view on the bottom, there is no great untapped pool of reservists...
  18. enfield

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Agreed - to some extent I believe this is already happening and in the long term there may be a cultural/demographic shift in that region as ethnic Chinese become a large minority or the majority in Eastern Russia. However, I don't think invading Russia is ever a good idea - ever - for anyone...
  19. enfield

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    I find that perspective interesting. First, the Chinese military remains weak in its expeditionary potential - invading Taiwan would be a bloody and risky affair, even without foreign interference. Secondly, Japan and South Korea are neither economic nor military lightweights and US...
  20. enfield

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Your description of that map immediatley reminds me of The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, but I think it also represents a very traditional Chinese view of the region. European Russia is a relative newcomer to the region,and only solidified their power in the region because of the...