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  1. Dog

    Joining Canadian army as an Asian

    Exactly what I was thinking ;)
  2. Dog

    CMO - Construction Management Organization?

    CMO and Construction squadron are 2 seperate entities, CMO manages construction projects outside the wire, using local civilian companies for paving projects and that sort of thing... Construction Sqn deals with building on-base infrastructure. CMO is an organization generated for tour, largely...
  3. Dog

    Chief of Land Staff positions for Reservists coming back from Afghanistan

    Any update on this situation? There are quit a few of us living in the dust without access to much, crazy things like links to the DWAN are completely out of reach for us. I've already done what I can to get the ball rolling. Does anyone have any new information regarding this?
  4. Dog

    RCR Ops in Panjwayi district

    I was just down the road from these guys... I think.
  5. Dog

    CP Gear KISS Rig

    You're welcome Matt. I'm using the tri-glides, but guntape is the only thing that keeps the straps from slipping. Without the tri-glides, the straps would be hopeless. I'd recommend a different type of material for the webbing, along the lines of what the handles of the kit-bag are made of, and...
  6. Dog

    CP Gear KISS Rig

    Update: After fairly constant use, and staining it with sweat a number of times, I've discovered that the straps on this rig are fairly slippery and will let go at inopportune times. Guntaping the straps is a simple fix, but better buckles, or more abrasive strapping would be a better fix...
  7. Dog

    BGen Ménard relieved of Afganistan Comd & other fall-outs

    Micheal Yon got his wish.
  8. Dog

    CP Gear KISS Rig

    That was my original plan, to mount it on my weak side... but I wanted to give it a shot in the centre line, to try and justify the gap somehow. After your response, I loaded the pouch up with bulky weight, and discovered that going prone was less of an issue, than it crashing into my junk. :o...
  9. Dog

    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    Well, that's the thing... everyone who I've dealt with WRT this issue knows I've done all the paperwork.... I'm baffled as to what the hang-up is.
  10. Dog

    Chief of Land Staff positions for Reservists coming back from Afghanistan

    So.... positions are currently still being offered? I have no access to the DWAN right now...
  11. Dog

    CP Gear KISS Rig

    I was reluctant to give CP Gear a real shot when it came to a chest rig. But after shopping around and reading a lot, and looking despairingly at my bank account, I decided to go the route of the KISS Rig... Now, this is by no means a comprehensive review, as the thing still smells brand new...
  12. Dog

    Chief of Land Staff positions for Reservists coming back from Afghanistan

    Due to the recent confusion with regard to trades being closed, and budgetary concerns, does anyone know if Reservists are still being given the opportunity to transfer to the regs went they get back from tour? I've repeatedly asked my CoC, and the clerks and I've never gotten an answer other...
  13. Dog

    Can you work more then one day a week if your a reservist?

    Sure you can.... volunteer to go on tour. You will be at work in your adoptive regiment so often you will fantasize about it burning to the ground. >:D
  14. Dog

    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    As to the forms, I've already filled the forms out and had them submitted. Twice. They have been seen by PSHCP... but nothing has happened since then. I'm not sure why. Thanks for giving me the information though, it's a site I've never seen. George, I have been thinking the same things. I'm...
  15. Dog

    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    Is there any way that I will be able to get the PSHCP when I'm overseas. I've been on workup for TF 1-10 since Sept. 2008 (reservist), and have been trying to get health coverage for my family since then, and have not had any success. I've tried calling them directly only to be told that they...
  16. Dog

    So, I think I may have screwed up!

    Honestly, you can't want it that bad, if you can't motivate yourself to train to do the minimum requirements, which are a joke. Hiring a trainer is a waste of time if you won't work hard on your own. And if you CAN work hard on your own, hiring a trainer is a waste of your money until you've...
  17. Dog

    Military can't staff all missions

    I know the solution! They should slash the budget, starve the military for a decade, until we are physically incapable of conducting any kind of large scale mission, then whoever hasn't released yet, we can send them out on 5-man deployments to Haiti, and single-man deployments to Israel, and...
  18. Dog

    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    Should have just gone with the already-produced SeaHawk and been done with it.... but that would be too easy, and make WAY too much sense.
  19. Dog

    Huge Olympic military deployment shows times have changed since Calgary

    That's funny 'cause me and the boys have been saying the same thing about California.
  20. Dog

    Infantry Branch Cap Badge

    Unknown if it's different for officers or not, but for myself, I ditched the cornflake after I graduated SQ, got my infantry capbadge then, and wore it during BIQ.... which I promptly abandoned and reverted back to my cornflake when I transferred to the Engineers. You always knew which courses...