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    AINO/Unit CBRN Def NCO Course

    RomeoJuliet. Next years schedule will be out soon. CBRN Defence Officer is due to run in the spring and fall. This is the course for Jr Officers. If you are in a Decon Unit. You can also go on GS Decon Operator. It runs in May to Sep timeframe.

    AINO/Unit CBRN Def NCO Course

    There are all kinds of new things coming down the pipe. Keep checking the website for updates.  The army are looking for some things once all the analysis is complete. Navy is also increasing some capacity. Stay tuned. Exciting times ahead.

    AINO/Unit CBRN Def NCO Course

    I'm the SSM at the CBRN school. You can go on the base Borden website and look under CFFCA. Lots of info on the courses and how to get on them. Next years training calendar should be posted soon. You can also send emails on the DIN to our +CFFCA Ops email. Cheers SSM CBRN

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    I was Promoted While So Employed to WO in Meaford. I had been doing the job for over 6-9 months, Reg Force RCR, qualified 3B, position available and no promoted person to fill job. It was odd but doable. Chain of Command pushed it up and it was approved within months. I was due to be substantive...

    Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    Interesting to read that the Bison was never used for what it was intended......an armoured vehicle for the Reserves. Back in the early 90's when it was procured, the Reserves did receive them. I was in the units that were assigned them. I was both in the West Nova Scotia Regiment and the 1st Bn...

    Posting Messages 2012 APS

    Ran over to the BOR and poached it! Now to start "Extreme Slumping"! No replacement identified, no problem.....leave chair vacant and put out of office reply on. Wait a minute..........I'm the Base Ops WO........oh well F_ _ k it! LOL

    Merging SQ and DP1 (infantry reserve)

    To clarify some facts for you: 1. SQ has been dead for as long as I remember.  ??? 2. BMQ L has been running since the run up to Afghanistan.  :nod: After the current DP 1 Infantry QS/ TP Writing Boards that were completed this year. Here are the rumours, as I'm not authorized nor do I feel...

    Posting Messages 2012 APS

    me neither! Still waiting......... :facepalm:

    The Patrol

    This is the main independent operation that a platoon will carry out. As Danger Boy says, it allows young Pl Comd's to plan and execute without being micro managed by OC's. This is a critical operation in my mind. I don't believe it is outdated. It is a fundamental skill that should be practiced...
  10. DELTADOG13

    Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Techno Viking, I was hoping he would get more too. Something along the lines of a MSC or MMV. The General that day tried to have him reconsider his release. Sometimes you have to make hard career choices and get on with it. DD13
  11. DELTADOG13

    Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Just to give you some insight. The second officer Techno Viking talks about was my Pl Comd. He started the tour as the junior Pl Comd and finished as the senior Pl Comd. He was decorated for said  incident. He was and still is the best combat officer I've ever met. I would follow him to hell and...
  12. DELTADOG13

    Infantry DP1 Training

    DP1 Inf courses can be exported to any Area Training Centre Det. Such as Aldershot, Petawawa, London, Ottawa, Shilo, Borden and probably other places out there. The ATC's are Wainwright for LFWA, Meaford for LFCA, Valcartier for SQFT and Gagetown for LFAA.  There would have to be a pretty good...
  13. DELTADOG13

    Battery Use Spreadsheet

    Looking for help. I use to have a Battery Use Calculator in an Excel spreadsheet. I believe a guy in the PPCLI made it. It had all the types of batteries and what device they were used for. It could calculate how many for different lengths of days, etc. If anyone has a copy can you PM me or post...
  14. DELTADOG13

    CATC Meaford to run 2 PLQ Land Courses 31 Jan-11 Mar 2011

    Meaford will host 2X PLQ Land Courses starting on 31 Jan and ending 11 Mar 2011. It will be a welcome change from being crammed in Pet with all the other users in the training area. Welcome all students to 6 weeks of fun in the snow.
  15. DELTADOG13

    Canadian military adds medical technicians to air force helicopter crews

    I'm pretty sure this topic can be summed up easily. I think what the Air Force and Medic world is looking at is adding to the Tactical side of the Air Evacuation chain. It is not meant to take over the SAR role in Domestic SAR or evacuation. As Canada does not have a Combat SAR role, we are...
  16. DELTADOG13

    TCCC '08??

    There is no TCCC course being run in Texas. There are 4 serials starting I believe in March and going until June. DD13
  17. DELTADOG13

    CTV Afghan Army ready to take over

    As with some people on this site who have and are right now, soldiering with the ANA. We know what their capabilities and limiltations are. We can't rush the ANA into the fray. With proper mentoring the ANA in my opinion are just as good as our soldiers. The problem is letting them go off on...
  18. DELTADOG13

    Remembering Sgt Donald Lucas

    :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: Last night I learned of a good friend and comrades death in Afghanistan. Don and I met years ago in the reserves and...
  19. DELTADOG13

    Looking for RNBR members from 1994-96??

    Try it again. If not send it via these means unless you don't want to. DD13