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  1. nowhere_man

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    Couldn't we fix the whole problem if we dismantled the reserve system and made everyone go out and get a job like every non native person has to? There wouldn't be water problems, housing problems, or suicide problems and then we wouldn't have a bunch of yahoo's blocking the bustiest highway in...
  2. nowhere_man

    Future US-Canada Water disputes due to Global Warming?

    You're joking right, Their is no way that the led balls from skeet shot is going to kill the environment.  So you guys have to use Steel Shot for skeet shooting? Steel is garbage stuff, I've seen a Duck take a full shot of #2 steel and go on, Do that with led and see how far that duck goes.
  3. nowhere_man

    Wow, firing the M-1 Garand

    You mean that you hade a Grand and you just got it out  :o I saw one at a gunshow in the fall for $800 and i was pretty much going to buy it on the spot but my bank account wouldent allow it  >:( (Also at that gunshow was a working Thompson, now I can tell you those things are heavy as heck).
  4. nowhere_man

    Vimy Ridge no-shows

    I'm pretty sure that I did see Mr. Ignatief on the TV at Vimy. BTW why would the Bloc need to send anyone over to Vimy, I know that soldiers from Quebec faught at Vimy but really though. Their whole angle is not liking the rest of Canada.
  5. nowhere_man

    War taking unexpectedly harsh toll on vehicles

    If the Tanks and Lav's are going to need replacing maybe instead of buying Globemasters they should of put that money into replacing the tanks and Lav's. I mean theres no point in owning heavy lift planes if you haven't anything heavy to lift.
  6. nowhere_man

    Terror threats on Canadian oilpatch worth watching

    Your in Rural Alberta I'm sure that there are more than a few guys with a rifle or two in their work trucks.  ;D
  7. nowhere_man

    History Comes Alive In Shop Class

    I want to know what kind of a High School still teaches shop. Right now I'm in a class that is supposed to teach me how to type but I already know how to type. I'd rather be in something useful like shop class.
  8. nowhere_man

    Canada's coastlines vulnerable, Senate report says

    Well if I was a drug smuggler I think that I would rather take my stuff ashore In some bay in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia Or B.C. and take the small risk of getting caught then bring it ashore in Nunavut and dragging it across the Tundra.
  9. nowhere_man

    Vietnam vs Korea

    Why the heck would they give the Russians a veto when they we're the enemy. And if the Russians wernt boycotting the counsel would they have veto'd the UN action in Korea?
  10. nowhere_man

    "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg

    But are there any old school Marky Mark Hip Hop songs in it.  ;D
  11. nowhere_man

    Liberals furious over Harper's Taliban remarks

    I just think that It's funny that Dion said on the news last night that Mr. Harper was being a bully, What a guy, if he stays around for a while I could see some sort of Liberal coup taking place, beacuse that guy isnt a leader.
  12. nowhere_man

    Facial covering/courts-elections-etc. (merged)

    But youk now that if someone can do it in Quebec than soon someone will take it to the rest of the provinces and thats not cool. If you come to Canada please respect our customs and show some ID when you vote.
  13. nowhere_man

    Budget 2007 - 19 Mar 07 1600

    This budget concentrates on people with family's but doesn't do anything for a single person working or someone with a family that makes over a certain amount of money. The Tories should have just done a general income tax cut so then everyone gets something. And they only gave money to...
  14. nowhere_man

    Oppostion calls for O' Connor's resignation

    Ujjal Dosanjh is no longer the Liberal national Defence critic, It is currently Denis Coderre http://www.deniscoderre.parl.gc.ca/welcome.asp?lang=en]
  15. nowhere_man

    The Red Ensign and Historical Canadian Flags thread

    I do like the red Ensign but I have to aggree that it's time to move on, When someone has time to worry about somthing like this then it shows we're living in a pretty darn good country.
  16. nowhere_man

    Oppostion calls for O' Connor's resignation

    Copied From CTV.ca
  17. nowhere_man

    What trades are fighting units, and what aren't?

    While theres a topic about it does anyone know how much field work the reserve MP's do? I'm kinda the same but kind of opposite of Jarude I want to get out and do all the fun field stuff but at the same time I'de rather drive a truck with my kit in the back then carrying it all on my back!  ;D
  18. nowhere_man

    HRM, NS - Meet and Greet - 26 May @ 1900 Pilot Pub

    And no CFL= No concert staduim, oh well back to the commons hopefully it wont rain next time.
  19. nowhere_man

    Town Halls on "Occupation" of IRQ, AFG Coming Across Canada 17 Mar 07

    I always though that Scott Taylor was for the military (having been in it) but I guess not, I actually don't ever remember reading one of his articles that had any praise for the military. (Dont even start on Stephen Staples)
  20. nowhere_man

    The Afghan guard who stops suicide bombers

    But does he go around shirtless and carry an M60 with infinite ammo firing from the hip  ;D. But seriously the Americans should offer him citizenship or a metal.