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  1. Servicepub

    Coastal Defense's in WW2

    Does anyone have a good colour photo of a BC coastal defence emplacement - with gun?
  2. Servicepub

    www.RamTank.ca is growing

    Sometimes you need to hit "refresh" - don't know why?
  3. Servicepub

    www.RamTank.ca is growing

    Some of you may be familiar with my http://www.RamTank.ca website. I have now added additional sections for the M37, M38, M38A1, M151, Iltis and Ferret. More sections will follow. If you have photos that you would like to contribute to the project please feel free to e-mail them to me. I am...
  4. Servicepub

    OTTAWA - Military Grave Photo Request

    I will be in Ottawa, on leave from Haiti, next week and will try to get this photo. Clive
  5. Servicepub

    Nicolas Sarkozy challenges France's version of history - BBC News

    This brings to mind Churchill's quote about his often chilly relationship with deGaulle; "Every man has his cross to bear; mine is the Cross of Lorraine" referring to the symbol of the wartime Free French Forces in the UK.
  6. Servicepub

    Medal and Awards Research

    This CMHQ report from 1944 may be of interest to you. http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhh-dhp/his/rep-rap/doc/cmhq/cmhq112.pdf
  7. Servicepub

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    Ah yes, now I remember why I don't come here too often. Because I disagree with your point of view I am narrowminded. Your reply also implies that I accused those who hold a different point of view than mine as "... posing or showing off, or who cas pi$$ the furthest." I have thought outside the...
  8. Servicepub

    1974 Valcartier Grenade Deaths (gov't action, memorial, etc.)

    Wow! Talk about memories. Although I was not there in '74 I had been a cadet in "D" Coy as well as a "Cpl Call-out" (the term used then for Staff Instructors) as both a Corporal in '72 and a Sergeant in '73. I had joned the Militia that Fall and was doing Public Duties on Parliament Hill as a...
  9. Servicepub

    Officers and Swagger Sticks

    Back to sticks. At one point, Routine Orders called for soldiers to have a stick in their possession when 'walking out' i.e., leaving camp. Countless photos, up to the Second World War show soldiers of all ranks holding sticks - often supplied by the photographer as a standard prop. In the 18th...
  10. Servicepub

    Old Belt Buckle Identification / Question

    This style of buckle, with a brown belt, was worn uniquely by Nursing Sisters and was identical in both World Wars. It would not have been worn by a nurse's assistant or by any member of the Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC). Although you cannot make out the detail of the buckle, here are a...
  11. Servicepub

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    I'm coming to this thread late and have not ploughed through all ten pages of commentary - so please forgive me if my post is repetitive. As stated, the Criminal Code makes the wearing of medals illegal when worn by anyone to whom they were not presented. Further, the Royal Canadian Legion, by...
  12. Servicepub

    Historical Shotguns

    I have done a fair bit of research into Small Arms at the Library & Archives. I thnk that I came across this same WWI file on shotguns. It contained a couple of pages, dealing mostly with the proposed acquisition of some shotguns from a leading sporting supplier in London. The idea was shot down...
  13. Servicepub

    Support the Troops T-Shirt

    As was said earlier "this is like picking pepper out of fly shit". The shirt names will stay as is otherwise they will never be made.  The idea is to let the wider population see (and read) the missions and not to be all inclusive which would result in letters so small that only your significant...
  14. Servicepub

    Support the Troops T-Shirt

    With the blessing of Mike Bobbit these t-shirts will be offered on a one-time basis. A donation for each shirt sold will be donated to the Military Family Resource Centres. The shirts are $30.00 each, postpaid anywhere in Canada or to CF personnel world-wide. They are available with white...
  15. Servicepub

    Support T-shirts

    Hi Sweatie, I jumped the gun on this and posted before geting an answer from Mike - my enthusiasm more than any disrespect. At this time I am only accepting e-mails of interest rather than actual orders. Once I see the level of interest I will go out andhave these produced in the appropriate...
  16. Servicepub

    Support T-shirts

    In response to self-serving politicians (are there any other kind?) who want to end the A'stan mission early and render our sacrifices worthless. Pulling out now would be like coming home in 1944. T-shirts
  17. Servicepub

    Sacrifice Medal Mega Thread

    Ironic that a Canadian soldier should get to wear a medal because the enemy managed to inflict a wound - perhaps we can reciprocate and send the enemy soldier a medal too. Maybe we can become like the US and establish a Purple Heart Association were membership is decided by your misfortune in...
  18. Servicepub

    Ram Kangaroo

    There is no evidence that benches were ever installed in the Ram Kangaroos. To date the best book on this is "The Kangaroo in Canadian Service" by Mark W. Tonner. Also, visit http://www.ramtank.ca for info on all Rams
  19. Servicepub


    A lot of this stuff gets into the surplus system directly from the manufacturers. When they are contracted to make 1,000 Cadpat widgets and find themselves with an overrun of 50-100, or when their delivery of 50 pieces is refused because it doesn't meet Quality Assurance standards, these...
  20. Servicepub

    Req: pics of up-armored Leopard C1

    Shameless, self-serving, commercial plug follows: Check out Service Publications' new book "The Leopard in Canadian Service", 24 photos, 1:35 scale drawings, informative text. Go to www.servicepub.com/weapons.html Written by a retired Armoured Corps Major who also co-authored the official...