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  1. boonie_hat_47

    ROTP RMC Academic Year 2022-23

    More offers are to go out between May and July so there are still a few coming.
  2. boonie_hat_47

    ROTP RMC Academic Year 2022-23

  3. boonie_hat_47


    So what I was told is that ROTP application closed Jan 31st (don’t quote me on this, a singular recruting Sgt told me this). Although even if this is not the case, it’s imperative you get on track with your local CFRC. Email once in a while, call if you can. When I did mine I applied early...
  4. boonie_hat_47

    CT transfer to ROTP

    https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/benefits-military/pay-pension-benefits/pay/officers.html https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/policies-standards/compensation-benefits-instructions/chapter-204-pay-policy-officers-ncms.html Two Google...