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  1. FlightSergeantRose

    Vehicle Technician - Reserves

    Correct. I had my Reserve QL4 and they wouldn't credit anything. Alberta will only work with you if your experience is Reg force.
  2. FlightSergeantRose

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    You are correct. They didn't credit anything.
  3. FlightSergeantRose

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    Hi Guys, I did my reserve EME common, QL3, and QL4 as a vehicle tech. I am looking into becoming a civilian heavy equipment technician. I have my course reports, but I assume the union that represents the HET's will want to know what I did and how many hours were spent. Who would I contact to...
  4. FlightSergeantRose

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    Wilks did my medical when I joined up. I have had the hernia test done numerous times and his was the 'least uncomfortable' compared to the others, although he did make me cough 3 or 4 times, which the others had not. I remember him telling me I had "flat feet" and asking if I had any foot pain...
  5. FlightSergeantRose

    Any good online surplus stores in Canada/US?

    Just wondering if anyone here knows of a good site where I can buy present/past surplus German, British, or other Euro combat uniforms. I've looked around a bit and didn't find anything notable.
  6. FlightSergeantRose

    Ex Charging Bison (Winnipeg)

    The fuel thing I doubt since you were prolly only in the air for a few minutes. A measly 10 mins or so would probably would have been fine. Yes we know you knew what you were doing. Still, everyone was making fun of you guys for shooting us. The 'realism' card was played by the officers to...
  7. FlightSergeantRose

    Ex Charging Bison (Winnipeg)

    This is a bit of a rant. Generally, CB was better than other ex's, but it still had some major flaws. I was in Red River for the whole thing and I was in the advance party. Red River got screwed over as far as actually participating in the story of the exercise. The enemy only attacked a few...
  8. FlightSergeantRose

    Ex Charging Bison (Winnipeg)

    Has anyone emailed these people? I have been emailing them back and forth. They are so entrench in their thinking its just incredible. The fact that at least two of these people have gone to university amazes me. I asked the one guy what program he was in or if he even graduated and he didnt...
  9. FlightSergeantRose

    Anyone Know a Good Tent?

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. It has to have a bottom attached already. I cannot stand sleeping with bugs or there being a possibility of them being in there. I don't care if they buzz me during the day, but when im trying to sleep I hate hearing those fucking mosquitoes trying to stick...
  10. FlightSergeantRose

    Berets and How to Form Them

    You have to admit though, it is pretty hard to properly form a beret with the liner in. I have formed 2, One with and one without. The one that I took the liner out first was quite easy to form properly and I hardly ever wore it. The second one I kept the liner in and wore it for 5 weeks...
  11. FlightSergeantRose

    Anyone Know a Good Tent?

  12. FlightSergeantRose

    The M1 Form

    How many times did you guys pull this prank on others? I had some Basic cadets in Penhold go to the security office in the barrack blocks asking them for an M1 form. If you don't know what the M1 form is, go ask your staff :)
  13. FlightSergeantRose

    Anyone Know a Good Tent?

    Yes I took a look. Some guys here have good links that I could never find, so I thought I'd ask.
  14. FlightSergeantRose

    Anyone Know a Good Tent?

    I've been searching around for a good tent. Its to be used for extended hiking or camping for 2-3 people and manportable. Something that I could attach to a backpack like the small pack or ruck. Preferrably I would like it to have a bottom and be somewhat heavy duty so it would last. I found a...
  15. FlightSergeantRose

    New Tac. Vest's W/ Modular System's

    I got mine in 1995 when I was 12. The window has a slight crack but other than that it looks brand new and I never go out without it!
  16. FlightSergeantRose

    Ex Charging Bison (Winnipeg)

    I was just looking for some info on the huge Brigade ex thats comming up in Winnipeg, Charging Bison that I will be participating in. The first link I found was this,  http://stopthebison.friendsofgrassynarrows.com/ Take a look at it and let these idiots know what you think of them and their...
  17. FlightSergeantRose

    Gloves - Under Armor

    I second that, 100%.
  18. FlightSergeantRose

    Summer SQ

    Do yourself a big favour and don't expect to get weekends off. Its completely up to your staff as to how much time you get off. On my BMQ/SQ at Minto in 2004, we got about 6 or 7 days off in total. Most of our staff was horrible though, especially my section SGT. We generally did really well...
  19. FlightSergeantRose

    17 Wing Question

    Are there locks on the doors? My buddy was in  Borden and had the local phone company setup dsl for him. I was thinking of doing the same, but Im only there 1 month so I doubt I'll bother. I am planning on driving there as well. I would think that theres parking spaces.