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  1. GPComd

    (SGT?) Franck Gervais (split from Walts, posers)

    and there it is: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/remembrance-day-soldier-franck-gervais-an-imposter-dnd-says-1.2833025
  2. GPComd

    2015 CFRP Competition Question

    I went thru the process three years ago.  PM sent.
  3. GPComd

    Canadian Military Engineers Flag

    That just made my day! :)
  4. GPComd

    AO seem a little under the weather this morning

    Well today my 250 day or so playing streak came to an end.  Not even the white screen of death - it would just time out and not load anything.  I'm earning that 'missed CR' medal right now - whatever it is called. Is this related to the restructuring of the milnet forums?  None of the...
  5. GPComd

    Problems and Bugs

    How about turning off the loss of morale from missing CR?  Not from a lack of trying to get into the game. 
  6. GPComd

    Master Gunners

    Gramps, I sent you a PM.
  7. GPComd

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -

    You do realize this is a forum about military things for military oriented people, not the Hello Kitty Magic Pony boards.  IE the kind of person that is likely to light your wet wood on fire by way of the liberal application of high explosives. And that's enough feeding of the trolls for me. 
  8. GPComd

    System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

    It's been several days now since I have last seen the white screen of death on Afghan Ops. Thanks for making the game playable again! :cheers:
  9. GPComd

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -

    I was about to change my entire way of life  ::) until I read this "If your not able to follow these 4 things no illicit sex, no gambling, no drugs, no meat-eating " sorry, a tasty burger right now trumps eternal happiness in some woo woo afterlife.
  10. GPComd

    Military Relocation / Posting Policy-Moves [MERGED]

    Old EO Tech nailed it on the head.  You must make this equation work out: (CM has a posn in Gagetown) + (He can afford to move a guy from Edmonton) + (Your CofC knows you want to go to Gagenam, and are willing to put your name in for it) = (your posting.)
  11. GPComd

    Military Relocation / Posting Policy-Moves [MERGED]

    What trade are you? Assuming combat arms - all the schools (Inf, Armd, Arty, Cbt Engr) in Gagetown have Cpl positions in their support companies - drivers, storemen, en force, crewmen, etc.  I know while I was in 3 RCR the career Mgr would send out the list of Cpl posns open outside the Bn for...
  12. GPComd

    What are the benefits for family like parents

    Do you mean benefits if you die, or of the medical/dental plan sort?
  13. GPComd

    Wanted: 180K x "Nice underwear" for RCN

    And that absolutely made my day!
  14. GPComd

    Summary Trial vs Courts Martial

    During my time as a CSM in 3 RCR, I probably did close to 30 summary trials.  Except for one, they all resulted in 'guilty'.  That's because if I wasn't convinced that the evidence was good enough for the presiding officer to come to the decision of guilty, then there was no point in wasting...
  15. GPComd

    Linking Issues.

    Thanks Mike!
  16. GPComd

    System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

    It would be nice to be able to do more than 2 mouse clicks in Afghan Ops without the server too busy message coming up. 
  17. GPComd

    System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

    Is this also why Afghan Ops isn't working? I get this, no matter how I try to get into the game (FB, milnet forums): This Connection is Untrusted You have asked Firefox to connect securely to army.ca, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect...
  18. GPComd

    Leave Program - Special Christmas/New Years Travel [MERGED]

    Ouch! Almost makes me glad we didn't get our flights this year, ended up using AirMiles to book flights the day after we got the word that the flights were full.  It'd be a panic level Defcon-6 if we were cut this close to the planned flights, scrambling to get some seats on a civvy carrier...
  19. GPComd

    Duffel Blog makes fun of military absurdities — and has the Pentagon laughing

    This website http://literallyunbelievable.org/ is about facebook posts to Onion articles. :nod:
  20. GPComd

    Duffel Blog makes fun of military absurdities — and has the Pentagon laughing

    Duffle Blog + The Onion = Best 20 minutes of my night online