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  1. SoF

    Destroyer/Or Frigate

    They never asked me what class of ship I wanted, just the coast I prefer which didn't matter anyways because I knew I was going east. I'm very happy being on a 280; before next year I'll have a gulf tour under my belt.
  2. SoF

    60 Failures out of 129 candidates failed PT test

    I'm not going lie; I saw this coming when they removed the express test from the recruiting process. Too many people showing up at basic in extremely poor physical condition. It's not Camp Snoopy; it's the military. Being physically fit is part of your job; regardless of trade, age, or gender...
  3. SoF

    Meet and Greet In Vancouver!

    I may be able to attend if it's on a Friday or weekend.
  4. SoF

    Eating Right, On a Budget

    Am I the only one who finds tuna to be ridiculously expensive out here in BC; I just think canned fish should be affordable. I'm also living in the shacks and find I'm not getting my moneys worth. If I lived off base I'd still spend about 3 to 400 on groceries but I'd eat what I want and when I...
  5. SoF

    Navcomm course

    Course dates are never a sure thing. Like I said before in a previous thread; it all depends on how many nav comms are waiting in pat. As for reserve courses; I've seen 1s courses running with only 2 people.
  6. SoF

    NEIP...what is your opinion?

    I found the forced pt to be completely useless. If someone doesn't want to workout then they wont. I'd see people duck out the gym (sometimes including me if I had already done course pt); or even worse you'd see people chatting it up or sitting in the hot tub for a couple hours. Yes the program...
  7. SoF

    NEIP...what is your opinion?

    4 1/2 months since I've been out of neip and I don't miss a second of it.
  8. SoF

    What's your gas price? 2.0

    It's still 57 cents more than it should be; 107 in Victoria.
  9. SoF

    New Girl

    Well I'm not going to lie; you're going  to be surrounded by "kids", especialy in the reserves. The majority of untrained privates will be in the under 25 crowd. Sure there will be a couple older folks in your basic platoon but expect most of your wingers to be highschool and college students
  10. SoF

    11 Sep 01 - 11 Sep 07 Six Long Years

    I was in math class, my 1st or 2nd week of highschool, when the principal announced on the intercom what had happened.
  11. SoF

    HMCS Toronto will be part of a mission of firsts

    Well thats one less Frigate for me to be posted to :(
  12. SoF

    Navcomm course

    Ofcourse I'm a rare example but I waited only 2 weeks to get loaded on my Nav Comm ql3s. But speaking for others I can say the wait isn't that long; not even close. Yes there is the odd person whom after training (ql3s plus netp) will have stayed about a year in Nelles block but it's usualy not...
  13. SoF

    Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Non-Restricted in Edmonton

    Try the Wild West Shooting Centre In West Ed mall; they offer the optional saftey course as well. They also have a shooting range where you can fire weapons w/o a licence.
  14. SoF

    WIndsor recruit. Swearing in Time and Date?

    Just speaking from experience as I was recruited from the Windsor branch.
  15. SoF

    Bomb threat halts BC Ferries from 29Jul07

    Very much agreed; the line ups, the cost, everything. Im due back in Victoria next Monday and it's going to take me all day to get back to base. >:(
  16. SoF

    A great BMQ video.

    Yep old video for sure; helped me get through basic.
  17. SoF

    Pea's Story...

    Bravo Zulu soldier and best of luck to you on course  :)
  18. SoF

    WIndsor recruit. Swearing in Time and Date?

    Klee by the looks of your profile you are or were in the reserves. If you're doing a component transfer you most likely will not be sworn in again; you'll just go to the recruiting centre and sign your contract
  19. SoF

    No MS and Below cloth naval cap badges available?

    Nope they're all gone. Keep an eye on your head dress  as I know several people in Nelles that have had their berets swiped for the cap badge.
  20. SoF

    Latest DEO Production Numbers

    How about MARS?