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  1. apache2001

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    ******* UPDATE ******* Recruiting Centre: CFRC Toronto Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: 341 Trade Choice 1: 341 Trade Choice 2: Infantry Trade Choice 3: ? Application Date: 2001 CFAT: 2001 (passed) PT: 2001 (passed) Medical: Apr 2008, Jun 2008 (additional info) Interview: Apr 2008 Position...
  2. apache2001

    Entering the CF and YOUR Money....

    Well said.  :salute:
  3. apache2001

    My story

    Right now you may not be able to please everyone in your family but I believe down the line they will be proud of you.  It is now up to you.  Prove them you made the right choice in joining the CF.  It will be an added bonus for you to always do your best.  ;)
  4. apache2001

    Entering the CF and YOUR Money....

    Thanks ;) All good Adamant.  ;)
  5. apache2001

    ADHD, ADD, and why we can't get in rants......

    I don't know much about your situation Nathan21 but I have come across the word ADHD before when I needed information regarding my medical.  Search for "ADHD".  Good luck.  :)
  6. apache2001

    Entering the CF and YOUR Money....

    Thanks CDN Aviator. I'm wrong regarding OCdt as a rank. :)
  7. apache2001

    Entering the CF and YOUR Money....

    What do you mean incorrect?  It is exactly right. On the pay scale you can't see DEO OCdts pay.  However as a DEO you will be on a 2Lt pay during BMOQ and you are an OCdt until commissioned 2Lt.  ;)
  8. apache2001

    Annual Army Run (merged)

    My BMOQ course at St-Jean will be on Sep 1 and the Army Run is Sep 21.  I will go for the 5k.  ;)
  9. apache2001

    Annual Army Run (merged)

    This is great and if we will be allowed at this time I sure will join. :)
  10. apache2001

    My story

    Congrats!  Search the site for help regarding your medical and interview.  You will have tons of help here.  ;)
  11. apache2001

    Forces struggling to recruit...

    Recuiting is everywhere and all the time.  It may start when a kid starts saluting a soldier on the road, someone reads good news about the CF, a good movie, in school or at home.  It also has to do with your values as a Canadian.  "Patriotism", "Serving the Public"... etc. It didn't take me a...
  12. apache2001

    6 soldiers, 2 journalists injured in Afghanistan

    My prayers goes with you all specially the injured and their families.  :salute:
  13. apache2001

    My story

    Its a little too late to wish you luck but I hope everything went well with your CFAT.  :)
  14. apache2001

    the way the interveiw works. (question)

    ;) Its always better to be prepared than showing up and knowing nothing at all.  Good luck to your PT.
  15. apache2001


    There are a lot of reasons and answers from prev posts but one is that it gives time for the muscle groups to heal or grow.  ;)
  16. apache2001

    Justin Trudeau - Timelines

    So much lessons to be learned: "Never ever judge a book by its cover" "It is the best to have tried than failing because you never tried at all" "That is why you never made it that far" and so on... >:(
  17. apache2001

    Coming onto two years

    Thanks eilaw.  Keep it up and be patient.  It is worth the wait.  ;)
  18. apache2001

    Didnt take me that long.....

    Copy that.  I understand how you feel but things happen for a reason.  I too had a stop sign on my medical but I did what is needed and now i'm here.  Just be patient and consider it a part of your training.  ;D
  19. apache2001

    Is this overtraining?

    Not a huge but rather strong biceps also helps when you do chin-ups.  :o
  20. apache2001


    In addition to the helpful tips above: Focus and do your sit-ups slowly.  :P  Do not cheat yourself just to get to the count you wanted. ;D