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  1. exspy

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    As I recall, the Canadian Army's air defence capability was stood down to use the manpower and budget to bring the Army into the nuclear club. Without disbanding the Reg F air defence, a unit which only existed in Canada and not in Germany, there would not have been the resources required for...
  2. exspy

    Name the Militia Areas and Districts (1948-1991) please!

    If you're located in Toronto/GTA, the RCMI library has complete hard-copies of the MGO's which, unfortunately, are not digitized. There are also copies at the DHH in Ottawa. In both cases, you'd have to wait until the institution opens again. I can't think of a website that has digitized MGO's...
  3. exspy

    1997, 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Freedom of the City, Calgary, Ab

    Do you recall the names of the officers in the photo? A closer look also reveals the team wearing brown paratroop boots. Very classy.
  4. exspy

    British Military Current Events

    How can he be the senior enlisted advisor to the CSC if he's a commissioned officer?
  5. exspy

    Independent Battery

    An artillery regiment is a unit. Its creation as a unit is clearly defined its organization order. The officer in command of a unit is designated a Commanding Officer and has the powers of such (i.e. discipline and financial allocation). Commanders of sub-units are Officers Commanding. A unit...
  6. exspy

    RMC Grad Parade?

    The Cadet 7th from the left with the 'tache looks very much like Ed K., who attended CMR for two years before taking advantage of opportunities in the private sector. He became a civilian circa 1978. Haven't seen him in years. Cheers, Dan.
  7. exspy

    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Michael, Just logged back in and no ads. Thanks for the help. Dan.
  8. exspy

    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    I'm having a difficult time reading the posts now because of the number and size of the ads popping up on my screen. Just now, I opened 'British Military Current Events' and three different ads popped up completely obscuring the thread. You can't close these ads either. I'm using a laptop and...
  9. exspy


    Must be a typo. For a second I thought I read $3,100 CAD!
  10. exspy

    What type of APC is this?

    I think you're right on with this. The Armour School and the Infantry School were right up the road in Borden where any trials would have been conducted. A simple process to get one to Toronto. Cheers, Dan.
  11. exspy

    British Military Current Events

    So the victim involved is upset about the time and place rather than the act itself? If the two had been at a party "having a good time," would that have made his actions acceptable to her? Not at all excusing what he did, but if I were him her statement would be a part of my defence. Just sayin'.
  12. exspy

    Parris Island Recruit Depot To Close ?

    Jack Webb must be spinning in his grave.
  13. exspy

    Canadians with the RAF and RCAF in the Battle of Britain

    The last serving Battle of Britain veteran in Canadian service was Beverley Evans Christmas who retired as a Colonel in 1973. He served with No. 1 (RCAF) Squadron during its tour in England in the summer of 1940. http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Christmas.htm Cheers, Dan.
  14. exspy


    What a great selection of ships... WWII and post-war.  If I had the room, I'd bid on the model of HMCS Magnificent, complete with aircraft on the deck. Dan.
  15. exspy

    Some aviation history....

    Attila, Thanks for sharing. Great stories. Beautiful aircraft. Good to have a flying Corsair back in Canada again. Cheers, Dan.
  16. exspy

    Some aviation history....

    A comment and two questions. First, great photograph. Is there any chance of one with greater resolution? It would make a great wallpaper. Second, is that the same Corsair the Hamilton Warbirds sold a decode or so ago? Or is it another aircraft all together? I recall hearing that the Hamilton...
  17. exspy

    Birth of a Giant, the designing and building of the Argus ASW aircraft

    Great photograph of the real RCAF back in the day. Air Force blue rather than CF green. Do you have any more? Cheers, Dan.
  18. exspy


    I think you're right on about Grant. He was mentally prepared to accept the casualties the North would have to incur in order to defeat the Confederacy in the Eastern Theatre. Something none of his predecessors had been prepared to do. And by doing so, ended the war in eleven months from when...
  19. exspy

    Namesake of Armoury in Vernon

    Aha! The game is afoot! Good find. Cheers, Dan.
  20. exspy

    Namesake of Armoury in Vernon

    Good info about the construction of the armoury in 1913, but nothing about who it was named after. As the Brigadier Murphy mentioned upthread was not a Brigadier until 1944, two questions arise. Was it named the Brigadier Murphy Armoury in 1913 and, if so, who was it named after? Conversely, if...