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  1. Tetragrammaton

    A different trade....

    Armoured Soldier : why walk when you can ride. Weapons Technician - Land : guns are cool. Geomatics Technician : Apparently just about anyone can make sergeant.
  2. Tetragrammaton

    A minor question about the rules surrounding timings.

    Based on my knowledge of the HBO series "Band of Brothers", you can face disciplinary action for failure to meet a timing of which you were unaware. However, you may be able to formally present a defense at a later time.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMoFlaEcKoM
  3. Tetragrammaton

    Getting a Promotion

    Fairly common to hit MCpl in the infantry reserves within 4 years of service. Is this faster than the Reg F? Generally, yes.
  4. Tetragrammaton

    Pay screw up

    In the current system there are simply too many reasons why a reserve member on class B service doesn't get paid on time; 1. Class B contract not entered into the system. 2. Contract entered, but not certified (possibly awaiting confirmation of arrival). 3. Certified, but not activated. 4...
  5. Tetragrammaton

    Anti-Zombie kit.

    I'd just add a reliable short-barreled 5.56mm carbine.
  6. Tetragrammaton

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Any truth to the reintroduction of the rank of Lance Corporal or the elimination of the appointment of Master Corporal? I keep hearing this same rumor from various knowledgeable and well-informed members. 
  7. Tetragrammaton

    Telling time in French, got a question or two?

    Thanks. Not logical, but I guess it avoids confusion.
  8. Tetragrammaton

    Well-Qualified/Interested in Joining - Difficulties Getting Information - Help?

    Reserve units tend to have minimal recruiting over the summer months, as most personnel are away on taskings and courses, and would recommend you wait until late August before attempting to contact a unit you are interested in joining. Unless you left the forces under bad terms, that is to say...
  9. Tetragrammaton

    Telling time in French, got a question or two?

    While I've seen 24h00 over and over, it shouldn't exist. At 23h59 and 59 seconds, it should cycle over to 00h00 and 00 seconds.
  10. Tetragrammaton

    RegF Support Staff (RSS) - Reserve Trg hours [Merged]

    As stated, it depends on the type of unit and to an extent which RSS position you are going into. Generally, the difference between Class B and BA is the duration of the contract, with Class BA being for permanent positions and typically 3 years.  Its important to know that the full-time staff...
  11. Tetragrammaton

    Requirements for Unsatisfactory Release Item 2

    Is anyone aware of the possibility to have a release item changed from 2A (due to a conviction in the civilian court) to 5F. 
  12. Tetragrammaton

    F18F rather then F35?

    I wondered when the x 65 F35s for Canada were announced if Super Hornet models would not have been a better choice for the Canadian Air Force.
  13. Tetragrammaton

    Armoured Corps - tanks or reconnaissance?

    What are our armor units using these days anyways? Leopard C2s and Coyotes?
  14. Tetragrammaton

    A Dream Navy?

    Unfortunately, I simply do not know enough to come up with a ideal fleet for the Canadian Navy. I was, however, fortunate enough to have a look around the HDMS Absalon this summer with some far more knowledgeable friends and I was very impressed. Given the modular nature of the vessel, could we...
  15. Tetragrammaton

    Montreal English Reserves

    I recommend any Montreal-based unit. Not sure I understand your personal expectations and ideas of "fit", but it doesn't really matter. No unit in Montreal is 100% English or 100% French. Regardless of the unit you join, best of luck.
  16. Tetragrammaton

    Armoured Corps - tanks or reconnaissance?

    I'd go with the Leopard. When I think armor, I think battle tanks.
  17. Tetragrammaton

    Does the CF use Cooling Vests?

    Thanks. Seems like the idea still has a way to develop before it becomes applicable to general dismounted work.
  18. Tetragrammaton

    Does the CF use Cooling Vests?

    Thanks, that was my initial feeling but still was curious enough to order one. Might still be useful for convoy work.
  19. Tetragrammaton

    Does the CF use Cooling Vests?

    I find them an interesting idea, that I not heard much about previously, and was wondering how practical they are for field work in hot, plus 40, environments.