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  1. boondocksaint

    re:did anyone have some info about nathan smith camp(prt)?

    They've put in an outdoor fountain here. A real fountain. It spurts water, and I suppose it's meant to be " decorative " or " soothing " I often think of sabotaging the fountain, but I'd be the first person suspected. We cant get guntape, but the fountain works really really well. For anyone...
  2. boondocksaint

    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    Hiya, been a while since I've checked in. Roughly at the halfway mark on this one and there are a few things that could be added. In no particular order. - Dry Fire shirts, they're the combat sleeved shirt based on a wicking design t-shirt system. Way more comfortable to wear under all the...
  3. boondocksaint

    Making Combat Clothing Better

    Rumour has it those pockets will eventually be on our regular cbts as well. They sure do come in handy, as to other mods, I dont know.
  4. boondocksaint

    29 Years Old, Joining Infantry

    I found I've become better looking and more humble with age..... Good luck
  5. boondocksaint

    Canadian Combat Action Badge - Now A Dead Idea (Merged Threads)

    Deja Vu from another thread, so I wont go on to much of a rant here. maybe To those who think folks will ' hop ' on a convoy in order to earn an award; not realistic. This isnt the old days where we took our friends from other trades out on day trips to view the lovely countriside. We all did...
  6. boondocksaint

    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    The new bayonet is fine, much better then the old one. But as Jay says, things get tight in there. Imagine wearing about 100lbs of gear, then hunching through Yoda's door. Now add several inches of 'pointy' to get bunged on something. We were told to practice 'muzzle contacts' by the Americans...
  7. boondocksaint

    Factor VII for treating wounded soldiers

    Great read, did anyone else see the special on the hospital in Iraq by CNN?  Medical advances/decisions on the battlefield are always interesting.
  8. boondocksaint

    'The Canadians try to kill everybody'

    'Ergo', great word Put the story into the context that the Canadians area particularly good at killing Taliban, and rest easy at night. I think their ( the interviewed timmies ) view is a bit skewed towards Canadians after several of the recent battles. Every nation has their own capabilities...
  9. boondocksaint

    *TIME SENS* Is the media being responsible in it's portrayal of the war in Afg?

    We RIP'd with them, they supported us in everything we needed. In email's with some of them during and after our tour they all expressed that they were impressed and thankful for Canadian contribution.
  10. boondocksaint

    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    The benifit to the scope was the ability to hard assess potential targets with clarity. Prior to a TIC in Panjawi one of my C-9 gunners was scoping a spot for about 20s when I asked him what he saw 'dude with pkm, 200m'.............game on although the bulk of our fighting was very close, your...
  11. boondocksaint

    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    The C-9 rail systems 'should' now be issued once you get there. If not, hit up some Americans, they will fix you up. The guys we RIP'd with actually set us up with that gear. Get a few of their patrol ammo holders as well. Dont ditch the scope off the C-9, my boys needed it all the time. stay safe
  12. boondocksaint

    Bombers Replace Artillery in Afghanistan

    As for the bomb sizes, they are EXACTLY the right sizes. Insurgent groups range in many different sizes, and there are many ways to 'deal' with them. Fixed wing usage is a more difficult option because we were often very close to the insurgents. Proportionallity is a fluid concept when timmie is...
  13. boondocksaint

    Bombers Replace Artillery in Afghanistan

    I kinda preffered the artillery. Helo CAS is also really good, fixed wing is my 3rd choice, when it works, it works great, but.....
  14. boondocksaint

    WW2 T-34 Tank Pulled Out of Lake

    The 'Tank Overhaul' show on History channel was pretty informative about pulling some of these tanks out of odd spots. Great stories behind the vehicles.
  15. boondocksaint

    Memories of Pain and Smiles

    Well said  :cdn:
  16. boondocksaint

    Red vs Blue

    Classic stuff 'why are we here?'
  17. boondocksaint

    Tomahawk Talk

    Sorry about the blue folks, it was pretty bad. The new bayonet is fine, stood up well to pretty heavy abuse. Though I must admit mine stayed in the LAV alot of times, ounces make pounds, and I was humping alot of weight already. The tomahawk as an augmentation to section level kit would be ok...
  18. boondocksaint

    Tomahawk Talk

    SFC W carried a Tomahawk generally to be used as a multi-purpose tool. This is an paragraph taken from his slide show he gave us in work up training. KNIVES: A GOOD SWISS ARMY KNIFE OR A MULTITOOL IS REALLY ALL YOU NEED, FOR MOST TASKS. THE ARMY WILL GIVE YOU A BAYONET/MRE OPENER. IF YOU BUY A...
  19. boondocksaint

    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    This is an AAR given to our Platoon prior to our deployment. These are the same Americans who came over to help evaluate us, and give pre-RIP advice. It's been de-OPSEC'd, the terps name Jeff is a fake, and the others as well. On XX October 2005 1st platoon D company 2/504 PIR was ordered to...
  20. boondocksaint

    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    He's the one who taught our serial, very intense fellow. He liked to yell at me  ;) 'number four, WTF are you doing?!'.....1-2-3......crap, im number four