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  1. Cadarn

    IAP July 2007 St Jean

    1. Kelowna, BC 2. Student 3. Infantry 4. B (I'll be 23) 5. Yes I have read the instructions. 6. I will be flown to Montreal... from there it's that $90 taxi or provided transport. 7. Not yet.
  2. Cadarn

    ROTP offers.....

    I was offered Infantry, and I'm sure there are more out there.  I was told there were 60 ROTP Infantry spots this year.
  3. Cadarn

    ROTP offers.....

    The only time frame I was given for being sworn in in Vancouver is "sometime in June".  The person who called with my offer said that for ROTP they make the offers, then decide on a lot of the dates - the total opposite of what they do for other entry programs.  She said to expect an e-mail with...
  4. Cadarn

    ROTP offers.....

    I got the call Wednesday (4 April) and was offered Infantry Officer, my first choice.  I start IAP 2 July then go to Civie U (University of Alberta) because I have already completed 2 years of my degree there.  See you guys in St. Jean.
  5. Cadarn

    Merry Christmas Sheepdogs

    I saw this posted on Blackfive and figured it would be good to post it here too: http://www.blackfive.net/main/2006/12/merry_christmas_2.html To Our Sheepdogs It’s so easy to forget them there, As we warm beside the fire, Those spread so far out everywhere, Those sent to man the wire...
  6. Cadarn

    Pushup, Pullup, Crunch game

    I read about a retired Navy SEAL that runs a fitness program in the States which includes a similar style of workout, though based more on general fitness.  The exercises are based on time not amount, basically you do as many as you can until you fail.  Here it is: Run 1.2 km Do 1 minute of...
  7. Cadarn

    Dealing with being home from Kandahar

    Piper, There is nothing I can say that will adequately express the gratitude I feel towards you and your fellow soldiers.  "Thank you" doesn't come close. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, military and otherwise. :salute:
  8. Cadarn

    Westboro Church Protest Mega-thread

    Fox News has reported that Westboro Baptist has cancelled the planned protests at the Amish funerals. Thankfully they wont be bothering the poor families of those girls, unfortunately they are just going to spew their hatred somewhere else.
  9. Cadarn

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    All of the editorials I have read on army.ca should be required reading across Canada, but this has been the best by far.  This editorial breaks down the situation for the average, situationally-ignorant Canadians (and there are far too many of them).  Now we just have to find a way to get Mr...
  10. Cadarn

    "Armed Forces put lives on the line every day"

    Hey everyone, I have been lurking on Army.ca for a little while now and I read something today that compelled me to make my first post (hopefully it's in the correct place).  As someone planning to join the Canadian Forces in the near future, this definitely summed up not only what I have been...